The Tale of the White Elephant

Are you familiar with the term ‘White Elephant’? Generally speaking, white elephant represents something you have in your possession that you would like to toss in the trash; however, for some reason, you feel a sense of obligation and you hold on to the item you do not want.

White Elephant gift exchanges are gatherings where you are encouraged to bring the above described item and (with the absence of guilt) pass it along to someone else. Even better, you return home with an item someone else deemed worth tossing but you deemed worth keeping. Read more

The Offspring of my Other Obsession

I am a woman with many obsessions. My main obsession is ice cream, but I am not writing about ice cream, today. Instead, I am writing about my other obsession and my other obsession’s offspring.

Now, before I get to the other obsession and the other obsession’s offspring, I want to remind you of the fact that I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars. Go ahead, judge me. I stand behind my random fandom. In fact, I proudly admitted to being a fan here, in this post. (Go Sugar! Go Sugar!)

I also want to let you know that the ‘Stars’ participating in this season of Dancing with the Stars were announced. Stick with me on this, please. Read more

I admit I’m a fan; please don’t hold it against me.

I am going to rant. If you do not watch or own a television, your time would be better spent reading another post. (Please return tomorrow, though. Tomorrow, my topic will not involve television.)

Before I begin my rant, I need to apologize. The world is turning, and there are several things taking place in the world deserving more attention than the topic of my rant. For instance, the U.S. Government is in the process of passing a new budget plan. While I have strong opinions about the need for government and budget reform, this is not a political rant. (Mr. E. Dempsey … the shutdown was averted.) Because I am taking time and energy to focus on something trivial, I apologize.

My friends, today I come to you to rant about Dancing with the Stars.

And with that announcement, I just lost a slew of readers. Read more