I admit I’m a fan; please don’t hold it against me.

I am going to rant. If you do not watch or own a television, your time would be better spent reading another post. (Please return tomorrow, though. Tomorrow, my topic will not involve television.)

Before I begin my rant, I need to apologize. The world is turning, and there are several things taking place in the world deserving more attention than the topic of my rant. For instance, the U.S. Government is in the process of passing a new budget plan. While I have strong opinions about the need for government and budget reform, this is not a political rant. (Mr. E. Dempsey … the shutdown was averted.) Because I am taking time and energy to focus on something trivial, I apologize.

My friends, today I come to you to rant about Dancing with the Stars.

And with that announcement, I just lost a slew of readers. Continue reading “I admit I’m a fan; please don’t hold it against me.”

The Iron Giant

My latest addiction is Netflix, and I thank Roku for enabling the addiction. OK, wait a minute. I have two young boys. Finding time to sit and blog without interruption can prove challenging, at times. However, blogging while the boys are home and actively running around can also prove to be entertaining and inspirational. As I type, the boys are watching Iron Giant, hence the title of this post. In addition, their friend from next door is visiting and watching the movie, too. My boys have seen the Iron Giant several times, and my oldest is having a hard time sitting still and watching the movie, quietly. [Note: Do not go to movies with my oldest, if you are a person who enjoys watching movies without an ever-flowing commentary taking place next to you.] Suddenly, I hear my oldest say to his friend, “Hey, do you want to see my sock drawer?” Wait. What? OK. I don’t care who you are – that is funny right there.

So, as I was saying before becoming distracted by an apparent exciting sock drawer, I am in love with Roku. Moreover, I am in love with Netflix and the ability to watch several movies instantly. We do not subscribe to cable TV at our house. We actually have an antenna on our roof, and we are able to watch television for free! True, the channels are limited, but the time we spend in front of the television is limited, too. Compared to the average household, we watch very little television. Get this – we only have one TV in the house, too. Are we crazy or what?! (Keep in mind, though, at least one of us in this house has a very cool sock drawer, so we are hip.)

Wednesday nights are special nights in our house. On Wednesday nights, we all rearrange our sock drawer. I’m kidding. And, I will stop with the sock drawer jokes. My husband is part of a men’s group at church, and the men get together on Wednesday nights. Because my husband is not home for supper on Wednesday nights, the boys and I have deemed Wednesday nights ‘Sandwich and a Movie Night’. The three of us look forward to Wednesday nights and plopping ourselves in the living room to eat pb&j sandwiches and watch a movie. I enjoy looking for new movies to share with the boys. Thanks to Netflix, the selection of movies is greater than our current DVD/VHS collection. And, through Netflix, we found The Iron Giant.

Prior to the giant made of metal, the boys requested the lovable computer/trash compactor over and over again. However, Wall-E has taken a back seat to The Iron Giant. Yes, you will still hear the boys and I quote the movie Wall-E with our ‘ta da’, ‘mo’ and  ‘eeve-ah’;  but, Wall-E is now in hibernate mode, as we watch and quote The Iron Giant with a growing frequency: “What you have IN YOUR MOUTH – IS ART!”; “You know, Blah, blah, blah?”; “Roooock. Treeee.”; etc. Based on the fact that our neighbor is completely focused on the movie now, I am guessing we may have hooked another new fan of the movie. Have you seen The Iron Giant? Go ahead. Watch it. I am confident you’ll like it. And, I’ll be sure to keep my oldest at home, so he doesn’t distract you with tales of his sock drawer.

Thank you Netflix and Roku, for opening a world of streaming movies and music to me and my family. When the boys aren’t watching The Iron Giant, we are more than likely listening to our classical music channel via Pandora, with our Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel and Genesis channels also receiving frequent airplay. In fact, the boys have finished their movie and have gone outside to play, giving me the freedom to turn on our  Simon & Garfunkel channel. Spending a Saturday morning listening to Peter, Paul & Mary’s ‘Wedding Song’, Harry Chapin’s ‘Cat’s in the Craddle’ and Seals & Crofts’ ‘Summer Breeze’ makes me feel fine. [Something tells me this post is not going to resonate with the younger generation.] Do you Roku? If not you should; because Roku is fun, and fun is good!

Under the Influence

Good morning. I start this blog relatively early in the morning, but I am willing to bet I will finish the blog in the late afternoon. Join me, please, while I share some thoughts with you. Today I am influenced by a rare 3rd cup of coffee. I typically stop at two. I’m not sure good things come from three cups of coffee. Then again, today may be the day that I get tons of hits on my blog and I become famous. Hmmm . . . perhaps I should go for four cups of coffee today? Based on my shaking hands, I’ll forgo the 4th cup. Continue reading “Under the Influence”