Two Men and a Chainsaw

Earlier this week, a line of severe thunderstorms passed through our area. In the wake of the storms, a tree was left wee-honked. Located along a trail between our house and our neighbor’s house, the wee-honked tree was leaning perilously over the trail. To keep the travelers of the trail safe, the wee-honked tree had to be removed.

Enter two men and a chainsaw.

The wee-honked tree, dividing friends and neighbors.


The Tree Removal Experts are on the scene.


The peanut gallery arrives.


The Experts deliberate. Which direction is the best for pulling the tree?


One peanut says to the other peanuts, “I hope they move the chainsaw before pulling the tree.”











Enter the Chainsaw Rescue Squad*
* formerly known as Tree Removal Experts

Just like butter.


*THUD* Take 2




“Nothing beats the durability of a ‘Still’, eh Chainsaw Jim?” I say.
“It’s a ‘Steel‘.”
“Oh, right – Stihl. Sorry, Chainsaw Jim. My bad.”


Be kind, take care of yourself and each other,
and remember to remove the chainsaw from the tree prior to pulling the tree down.

7 thoughts on “Two Men and a Chainsaw

  1. I can honestly say that before today, I had never heard the term “wee-honked” before…it sounds like something you’d do to prevent reproduction in a male goose…

    Funny post, Lenore!


    1. As my friend explained, Wendy, it is a technical term. My friend created the word, and I’ve used it for years. Seems to just ‘fit’ don’t you think? Having said that, I must admit it does sound like a form of preventive reproduction in a male goose. I loved that!! Glad you found the post funny. Thank you!

  2. Wendy, it’s a technical, very polite term that can be used in the office and in front of children to say that something is totally and completely f***ed up.

  3. I’ll have to start using “wee-honked”. I like the sound of it. Love the peanut gallery comments too! An exciting day for them I’m sure. Oh, the joys of living in the woods. We sadly don’t have one single tree as we live practically smack dab in the middle of an old cow pasture. (there are still cows the mill around behind our house)

    1. “Wee-honked” is a fun and family friendly word, Maineiac! Thanks for your comments. Yes, the peanut gallery had an exciting time watching all the hub-bub. A heavily wooded area is great, except when the winds are strong. *sigh* We actually have horses and cows near us, too.

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