Project 366: Day 19

Rob and I went for a walk on a clear and crisp winter day. Looking up at the bare trees Rob said, “I love how you can see all the nests in the trees in winter.” Glancing up in the same direction he was looking, I nodded and said, “I agree.”

I’m glad my nest is on the ground and surrounded by walls that don’t ‘shed’ during the winter months. Getting out on the right side of the bed in my house can prove challenging as it is – with a nest so high in the tree, I’d fear the first time I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. That first step is a doozy! Continue reading “Project 366: Day 19”

Two Men and a Chainsaw

Earlier this week, a line of severe thunderstorms passed through our area. In the wake of the storms, a tree was left wee-honked. Located along a trail between our house and our neighbor’s house, the wee-honked tree was leaning perilously over the trail. To keep the travelers of the trail safe, the wee-honked tree had to be removed.

Enter two men and a chainsaw. Continue reading “Two Men and a Chainsaw”