Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack

Raise your hand if you’ve purchased exercise equipment with the full intention of using it. Now, keep your hands raised if the exercise equipment you purchased became an expensive clothes or hat rack. The only reason my hand is not raised is because I am typing. My Nordic Track sits in our bedroom, holding hats. (I quite like the contrast of the brown/black against the orange and green.)

I have reached a point in my writing where I would like to upgrade to a laptop computer. Why? Because ideas for stories and tales to tell are becoming more frequent, and my thoughts are changing constantly. My desktop computer limits me. My blank canvas is nailed to the floor, when I believe a canvas should move with the artist – literally and figuratively (though not as dramatically).

Yet, as I research and review various brands, styles, makes and models of laptops, I am overcome with guilt in the form of quetions. “Is this a frivolous purchase?” “Will I really use the laptop for my writing?” “Is it necessary for me to turn my back on my faithful desktop, just because the chair I use makes my butt sore?” “Should I really continue using the laptop that belongs to my boss?” “Can we even afford a new computer when we need other things?” “Speaking of need, shouldn’t I use the money to get the septic tank pumped?”

Starting as low as $599!* *Does not included software, hardware, silverware, etc.

For over a month, I have shopped online and spoken with various computer sellers: Target, Vision Computers, Best Buy, NewEgg, Dell, Toshiba, HP and Mac.

Every time I think I find the perfect laptop, I walk away from the virtual shopping cart, leaving the item behind for the virtual sales person to put it back on the virtual shelf. (Thank goodness there are no virtual restocking fees.)

Add to the mix a recent post by Mr. Mostly Bright Ideas, which has me questioning whether or not I should to add to the growing pile of electronics in landfills. What will the beavers think? (Please read, “The Climate Change Hullabaloo”.) Then, just before I decide to publish my drama, my anxiety grows as I read Broadside’s “Fear of Shopping” and her mention of tight budgets.

Doing my best to drown out the penny-wise and environmentally-sound logic that is swirling overhead, I still find myself bombarded with questions, “Once I have a new laptop will I use it?” “Will a new laptop give me the trim waistline, tight abs and firm thighs I’m seeking?” Wait. Scratch that. What I meant was this: “Will the new laptop provide me with better edited posts?” (Is that even a well edited sentence? If not, it’s because of the desktop computer; I’m certain of it.)

Folks, of course a new laptop would generate better edited posts! Plus, the creations typed out on the new keypad attached to the new laptop would fill the blogosphere with new, well thought out and refreshing words of wisdom. Right? Say it with me: of course!

The again, would my new laptop, like my Nordic Track, merely be a reminder of what I would like to see happen; but in the end, would the purchase wind up holding my hats, surfing the internet and leaving the septic tank full? After all, to get the trim waistline, tight abs and firm thighs, the exercise equipment has to be used diligently; to become a polished writer, one needs to be diligent with his/her writing and editing; and to become financially stable, one has to be practical with his/her saving and spending, ensuring money is available when tanks need to be pumped.

Ding dangity – practicality and diligence are such downers.

21 thoughts on “Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack

  1. I will tell you that I now have to be surgically detached from my laptop — it has made me much more productive as I surf and read and blog and comment in bed, on the sofa, while traveling — in airports and hotel rooms…For me, it’s been life-changing. I got really tired of being chained, literally, to one machine/desk/room/apartment with my PC.

    The questions are: 1) can you afford it? 2) will you use it?

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by and offered your two cents. Unlike the Nordic Track, I will definitely use the laptop. Can we afford it? That is the $599+ question. By shifting various priorities over the next couple of months; yes – we’ll make it work. As the knot in my stomach grows . . . Again, thank you for reading my post!

  2. You think about getting a netbook? They are a lot cheaper and you can type and surf the web. You just can’t do things like play high end games.

    1. Yes, I did think about getting a netbook. I had my eye on a Toshiba model. (It even came in orange! My favorite color!) However, by the time you get the software installed, the price still goes higher. Plus, I think I would outgrow a netbook quickly. Thanks Robin!

    1. Exactly! 🙂 I’m putting my chips on both a new computer and more practice. I’ll let you know when the laptop arrives, and you let me know when my writing improves.

  3. You know what I did today with the laptop I got for Christmas? I sat on the lanai and worked all day. If I didn’t have the laptop, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the gorgeous weather while working. Love, love, love my laptop. Just sayin’ 😀

  4. My hand is held high! Our treadmill sits in the basement. At least you’re finding a use for your Nordic Track. And the contrast is, indeed, lovely.

    Get the laptop, get the laptop, get the laptop! And what Andrea HT said – you’ll love the freedom you’ll have with it, the ability to write ANYWHERE … with no excuses not to write. I am available for more convincing if needed.

    1. You crack me up, Ms. Amiable Amiable! I think you’re my new best friend! 🙂 I don’t have a lanai, like my friend Andrea HT; however, I am sure I could find many other places to prop my feet up, enjoy the outdoors and lose myself in writing. Yep. Done. The new laptop will be mine. Thanks for visiting!

      1. BBFF – Blogger Best Friend Forever! If after you buy the laptop (you go, girl!), you need to be persuaded into purchasing a lanai, talking people into spending money is my specialty. (Seriously, you’ll love the laptop!)

        1. AA, Mostly Bright Ideas asked me for a favor… . “Will you please ask AA to tell me to get an iPad?”
          That is your mission, should you choose to accept it. Be a friend, will you please?

  5. I hope you didn’t catch any guilt from me. I’m pretty sure old electronics are recycled now anyway. I’ve been going through the same self-torment about a laptop, an iPad, a Kindle, and several other devices that some irrational part of my brain just wants. But how to justify such a purchase? Just because something is cool doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Then again, something could be a good idea, even though I can’t figure out why.

    I’m not helping, am I?

    Great post, Lenore. I’m glad to hear you’ve decided on the laptop. I can’t wait to read what comes out of it. (Will you please ask AA to tell me to get an iPad?

    1. You may not be helping with the purchasing idea; however, you are helping me feel a little more normal, as you share the dialogue that plays in your head. For the record, I have – *sigh* – purchased the laptop. May the environmental gods have mercy upon my soul. I’ll be sure to get AA to convince your iPad purchase. I’ll need company in the guilty corner.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Always a pleasure seeing you around here.

  6. I may not use my treadmill much, but I certainly use my laptop. I took it on vacation with me and edited my second novel while relaxong in beautiful Hilton Head. I was able to combine a leisurely vacation with writing. Great week!

        1. Now you know why the Mickelsons moved. The jealousy they had over our hat rack was too much for them. By the way, our 10 gallon hats look stunning on the rack.

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