Washing the Egg off my Face

He did it! Our 6yr old boy completed several loops around his school’s parking lot! When asked whether or not he had fun, Joe’s face lit up with a smile, “Yes!” He said.

Though I was not able to attend the ’round and ’round, the smile on his face when he got home and the pictures taken by the Director are proof enough for me; Joe had a blast. I am a proud Mom, even if I did have to grovel and beg for money.

Helmet Head Joe peddling for charity.

Joe’s leg work (thanks for that, Anya), and the leg work of his classmates, paid off. Woodstock International School had a successful Trike-and-Bike-A-Thon.

Special thanks to the following supporters: Courtney, Suzann, Jane, Leslie and Doug, Betty and James, Emma Mae and Tessa, Noreen (aka Betty), Mrs. Holman and Galaxy Bright Creative. (Yes, Joe had a corporate sponsor. He’s good!) To date, Joe has raised nearly $250 for the American Red Cross and Save the Children, two organizations actively assisting the current crisis in Japan. We need to turn in the money we raised by April 13th. Who knows – maybe Joe will bring in more donations before the 13th.

This experience was a wonderful one for Joe (and me). I hope he is able to participate in more fundraisers like this bike-a-thon. In June, there is a triathlon benefiting a non-profit organization. I wonder if I could train Biker Boy in time for the June triathlon. Hmm, those training wheels may set him back a bit.

Hey, anyone want to buy some Boy Scout cookies? I think I’m ready to stand in front of a grocery store entrance. Well, maybe after I write the thank you notes.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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