Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack

Raise your hand if you’ve purchased exercise equipment with the full intention of using it. Now, keep your hands raised if the exercise equipment you purchased became an expensive clothes or hat rack. The only reason my hand is not raised is because I am typing. My Nordic Track sits in our bedroom, holding hats. (I quite like the contrast of the brown/black against the orange and green.) Continue reading “Questioning the $599+ Hat Rack”

Where is the reset button?

5:00 AM
I hear my radio and the WSB radio news team filling me in on breaking news from the overnight hours.

5:10 AM
I stumble out of bed, getting myself ready before the troops awaken. Ready to enjoy the quiet of morning with my first cup of coffee in hand, I turn on my laptop computer and start working on my paid gig.

5:35 AM
“Mommy. I have to go potty, but Joe didn’t flush, and he pooped. It smells yucky.”

5:50 AM
“Mommy. I can’t find my favorite shirt.”

6:10 AM
“Mommy. Can I come out of my room yet?”

6:25 AM
“Mommy. I lost four beads to my bracelet.”

6:30 AM
I turn on the TV so the boys can watch ‘Word Girl’, as I remind the boys they are supposed to stay in their room until 6:30AM. While the boys get settled and start watching TV, I sip my coffee and start entering leads into a database.

6:31 AM
The work laptop shuts off without a message or warning of any kind. I am unable to restart the laptop. No pulse,

Good morning!