More of This and That with a Little Less of the Other

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know my posts on Friday are fluffy and flighty. Today is no different, though my thoughts will be more varied and less organized.

.:: Here is a picture of my baby, Tessa. Well, Tessa’s not really my baby. But, I help her Mom and Dad out twice a week during the overnight hours. This picture was taken by Tessa’s Mom back in November. Tessa celebrated her 6 month birthday this month. She is such a cutie, and I am honored to care for her twice a week.

.:: I am embarrassed that I miss both Facebook and Twitter as much as I do. I was not always actively posting on Facebook, but I was always actively looking, reading and – ahem – poking. The urge to do a quick peek remains strong, but I haven’t caved to the urge. The source of the urge is the sense that I am missing out on fun, news and – I admit it – gossip. It reminds me of when I was little and had to go to bed. The instant I’d got in bed, I’d smell the makings of popcorn. Fun was had without me. Humph.

.:: Wanting to show my friend a video of my boys, I asked her to access YouTube. My friend, who is not on Twitter or Facebook, opened her web browser and typed in the link. Then, I went to her computer to log in to my account and pull up the video. To my surprise, my friend typed in “” Believe it or not, she had never accessed YouTube prior to me taking her there. Shocking. The funny part? She sells software for a major technology and consulting firm.

.:: While driving around one afternoon, my 6yr old noticed a van and said, “Why does that van have the word Xfinity on it. What does Xfinity mean?” Before answering him, I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I’m impressed Joe knew what that made-up word was.’ Then I said, “Xfinity is something that lets people watch many different shows on their television, computers and phones.” “Oh,” Joe said. “It’s like On-Demand.” I shook my head. The kid lives in a cable-free house, and yet he knows about On-Demand. Silliness.

.:: I got a haircut this week. Woo hoo! My last paid haircut was a year and a half ago. Yes, I’m serious. Suffice it to say, I’m low maintenance (aka a slob). I was excited about my haircut, and I was looking forward to getting my hair washed.  As soon as she started washing my hair and massaging my scalp, I was in heaven. I was asking myself why I wait so long in between haircuts. I envisioned getting a haircut or a massage once a month, telling myself I deserved it. Having my hair washed and my scalp massaged felt so good! As she combed, cut and dried my hair, I became very relaxed. Heaven. I thanked her, and I walked to the counter to pay. “That’ll be $55.00 today.” “I’m sorry. What?” “$55.00.” Oh! Now I remember why I wait so long in between haircuts. *sigh*

.:: Returning home one afternoon, my husband greeted me in the garage. “Guess what I found.” He said. I was caught off guard and had no clue; “I have no idea.” “I found four mice in a jug.” He informed me. “You did?” I asked with a smile. “Are they still alive?” “Yes.” He handed me the jug, and I looked inside. Huddled in a corner, I saw four little slate colored fur balls. “Cool! I’m going to let them go.” “Okay. Just don’t let them out near the house.” I walked across the street to let the mice go free in a wooded area. Tipping the jug, I grabbed the tail of each mouse, pulling one mouse out at a time. Then I sat and watched the mice, as they became acclimated to the great outdoors. I checked on the mice two hours later; they were still in the same area, exploring their new territory. Just before nightfall, I returned to where I let the mice go free, and I was not able to find them. Hopefully, they have found a new home and are living happily ever after. Then again, a hawk or a snake may be the ones living happily ever after.

.:: While listening to The Doors’ ‘Riders on the Storm’ through MOG, I saw the album cover showing Jim Morrison. Since the release of the movie The Doors, I cannot look at Jim Morrison without seeing Val Kilmer. Val nailed the role of Jim Morrison in the movie The Doors. He nailed it. And frankly, I find both Jim and Val easy on the eyes. Though I admit, Val has let himself go, as he ages. (Jim didn’t get the chance.)  In other news, have you seen the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Brilliant movie. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. Brilliant.

.:: I heard Michael Jackson’s song, “The Way you Make me Feel” playing in the grocery store this week. The song came out in the late 80s, so it was not one of his more recent hits. Still, I like that song, and I miss Michael Jackson. He died 2yr ago. Two years ago! Those two years have gone by so fast, in my opinion. I am sorry we won’t be hearing from Michael again. He released great music.


Be kind. Take care of yourself and each other.

2 thoughts on “More of This and That with a Little Less of the Other

  1. Lenore,
    This 40 day thing is torture on us!!!! Not You! Please come back to Facebook!! I have made so many good post and you would be the only one to laugh!!! Gezzz your lint is my lint!!! And it really suxs!!! How much longer do we have????

    1. Aw thanks, Bill! I miss you, too! (Though I hate that you are popping popcorn with out me. Please leave me some half popped kernels.) We have about 5 more weeks left. ACK! It is INSANE!!! At least you can escape on Sweet Amnesia, eh? Happy weekend, my friend!!

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