Email: The New Snail Mail

Day two of no Facebook or Twitter. Suddenly, I have so much time on my hands. In fact, I actually heard my own voice speaking to another live human. When did humans start inhabiting the world around me? Okay, okay, truth be told, I accessed Facebook up until 5pm yesterday, so I’m a little late on the start-up. In any case, before I logged off Facebook for good, a friend of mine made a comment about emailing vs. keeping in touch via Facebook. She said something along the lines of, “I’ll be sure to email you. I guess email is the new snail mail.”

Wow. My friend hit the proverbial nail on it’s proverbial head! Email is the new snail mail!

Hold it. Please, tell me there are not people out their scratching their little heads wondering, “What is snail mail?” Please, tell me we have not gotten so far away from actual hand written cards and letters delivered by postal folks driving white box vans spewing black smoke. We haven’t have we? We all still know what the term ‘snail mail’ means, right? “You don’t know snail mail” is not included on any of the mass emails currently circulating with a subject heading along the lines of  “You know your a child of the [insert 90s or 00s] when …”, yet – is it? Oh goodness, I hope not.

With everyone using their ‘smart’ phones (which – ironically – dumb down their required efforts), text messages have overtaken emails. Add to the mix Facebook and Twitter, and our email addresses are becoming obsolete for sending messages. One actually has to put forth a little more effort to email someone vs. texting the person or posting a message on the person’s Facebook wall.

Fortunately, my friend is worth the extra effort of staying in touch with her these next 39 days. Since I have already received several emails from my friend today, it appears she feels I am worth the extra effort, too. I am not surprised by either her efforts or my efforts, because we actually reach out to each other via snail mail, too. Who knows. We’re in our 40s, maybe that is just what old folks do.

Speaking of old folks and snail mail, I’ve been meaning to send card to an old family friend. Having recently celebrated his 70th birthday, he really is an old family friend. (HA!) I bought the card for the family friend years ago. Literally. And, I’ve written the letter in my head over and over again. It is high time I get this letter out to him. Tune in tomorrow, Kids. I’m forgoing the card for a hand-written blog.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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