Give my regards to Epsilon; they already have my email address.

The madness began early in April. Notifications were being sent left and right. No doubt, you received one or 10. Right? Even WordPress got hit. Did you noticed the common denominator with each email you received? Here’s a hint: Epsilon.

Are you nodding your head, as you recall the recent flood of emails you’ve received from various organizations notifying you that Epsilon’s email database was compromised? Compromised: A term used by public relation specialists, because studies have shown the use of the word ‘hacked’ does not generate warm fuzzies.

So, Epsilon was hacked, and hundreds (if not thousands) of companies use this marketing giant to manage email communications for various company/product websites. Continue reading “Give my regards to Epsilon; they already have my email address.”

Email: The New Snail Mail

Day two of no Facebook or Twitter. Suddenly, I have so much time on my hands. In fact, I actually heard my own voice speaking to another live human. When did humans start inhabiting the world around me? Okay, okay, truth be told, I accessed Facebook up until 5pm yesterday, so I’m a little late on the start-up. In any case, before I logged off Facebook for good, a friend of mine made a comment about emailing vs. keeping in touch via Facebook. She said something along the lines of, “I’ll be sure to email you. I guess email is the new snail mail.” Continue reading “Email: The New Snail Mail”