Again with the 40 days …

‎Battling a case of writer’s block, yesterday I updated my Facebook status and wrote “Quick. Pick a topic. Any topic. Please?” I was hoping my Facebook friends would help inspire my blogging. The topics I received were: jam, bare naked monopoly, the string theory and the singularity theory. Hence, my previous post was a combination of the provided topics.

Today, I updated my Facebook status and informed my friends that I was giving up Facebook for 40 days and 40 nights for Lent. (I also wrote a general happy birthday shout out to my friends celebrating birthdays over the next 40 days.) Interestingly enough, I received several comments from friends and family about my plans to ditch Facebook for 40 days. One of my sisters took it upon herself to add to my previous Facebook status by suggesting yet another topic for my blog: “Things that should and should not be given up for Lent”.

Last year during Lent, I tried writing about a 40-day journey I set out to take, but I got bored. In fact, I ended up pulling the plug early. That said, I’m not entirely sure the idea for a second attempt to chronicle another 40-day journey is a good one; however, with my sister’s suggestion in mind, I might be able to make it work. Plus, if I commit to blogging every day for 40 days, I will be able to sneak messages to my Facebook friends by using WordPress’ Excerpt feature. And, if my friends and family miss me enough, maybe they will start leaving comments (and topic ideas) on my blog. A win/win situation, perhaps? Perhaps. Or, merely a clear indication of my desperate desire for more comments and feedback. Whatever.

I hope you’ll join me over the next 40 days. I haven’t a clue what this journey will look like. Nor do I have a clue what I will write about over the next 40 days. Oh, the pressure I am feeling already! I suspect one or two days may simply be a quick blurb or attempt at poetry, maybe even just a passing and incomplete thought. We’ll see.

Now back to my sister’s suggestion, I present to you things that should and should not be given up for Lent:


  1. Charlie Sheen. I hate that I even wrote his name. Stop the insanity!
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Acronyms like LOL, WTF, ROTFL, OMG, etc. Use these 40 days to spell out words and speak in full sentences.
  5. Smoking. And don’t start up again after the 40 days have passed.
  6. Stalking. But, feel free to stalk again after 40 days! (I know I will!)
  7. Arguing with me. What’s the point? I’m still right.
  8. Buying water in plastic bottles. (Check out the movie Tapped.)
  9. Eating 4hrs before going to bed.
  10. Charlie Sheen. Seriously, people. Turn away now!

Should Not:

  1. Bacon. Pork is to be enjoyed. The crispier the better.
  2. Ice cream. Calcium is good for you.
  3. Doughnuts. With so many varieties, you need all the time in the world to explore and enjoy!
  4. Guinness. Guinness is good for you. Guinness for strength!
  5. Reading Lenore’s Blog. (Duh!)
  6. Staying in touch with friends. There are ways to connect outside of Facebook, Twitter and texting. No, I’m not lying.
  7. Woot!  (Psst.. click on the link included in the sidebar)
  8. Shirt.Woot (Psst.. click on the link included in the sidebar)
  9. An open mind. (And keep your eyes and ears open, too.)
  10. Faith. Always keep the faith, whatever that looks like to you.

That’s all I have for you today, readers. Please come back again tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Again with the 40 days …

  1. I’m struggling with a case of writer’s block today. So I stalk others for ideas. I enjoyed your post. I have given up facebook for 2 weeks at a time, at the most. It’s tough for me. But it is fodder for thought, I wonder if people would miss me and visit my blog more????

    1. Angel – Stalking blogs and bloggers is encourage. It is the exception to the rule of no stalking during Lent. And, yes, I’m willing to bet your FB friends would miss you, and they would visit your blog more.

  2. Note to self…. never read Lenore’s blog before writing my post for the day.
    Wait until after, then I won’t worry that I am plagerising. Now step away from the People magazine!

    1. Hahahahahaha! (I had to spell out the ha ha, don’t you know!) That is hilarious, though, Lisa. And no worries, plagiarism is a form of flattery. Though, if you wanted to give me credit – it may mean more hits on my blog, which could lead to more comments, which would help me find something to read other than Facebook and Twitter. UGH! The tremors have already started! Is it Easter yet?

  3. So I didn’t know if I should rate this 5 stars cuz I like it or 1 star because I don’t like the fact my facebook stalker is leaving me for 40 days. Yes, it does make me sad. On another note, I am absolutely shocked that ice cream was not number one on the Should Not list. Just shocked.

    1. Facebook always informed me when you updated your blog – so I read actively. Alas, without Facebook …. I HAD to subscribe! I didn’t want to be out of the loop!

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