Oh, I’ll never do that!

Today, I am participating in Monday Listicles, a weekly creation started by Stasha at The Good Life. The idea for today’s list comes from Greta at Not Enough Patience: 10 Things You Said You’d Never Do But Have Caught Yourself Doing.

Growing up, the ‘I never’ game was associated with drinking: an ‘I never” statement was made and if you had done it – you were to drink. Being a prudish wallflower, I always walked away from that game completely sober. The only way I could get a sip of anything was when statements like “I never ran a red light” were uttered.

Well, this is not a drinking game. Read more

Because Kim did it, and it did not require jumping off a bridge

I have a post in my draft folder. The potentially pending post is not one of my happier posts. (Please take a moment and re-read that last sentence with the alluring alliteration. Lovely.)

The post currently residing in my draft folder was penned by my alter ego, Grumbling Gus. I sent the post to one of my blogging buddies, Pleasant Penelope. She was kind enough to say the blog is mine and the rules pertaining to my blog are mine.

While wondering whether or not to publish the draft, I read my friend Kim’s latest post, which was inspired by Just Jennifer, which was initiated by The Good Life. (I’m feeling a little dizzy.) Read more

Again with the 40 days …

‎Battling a case of writer’s block, yesterday I updated my Facebook status and wrote “Quick. Pick a topic. Any topic. Please?” I was hoping my Facebook friends would help inspire my blogging. The topics I received were: jam, bare naked monopoly, the string theory and the singularity theory. Hence, my previous post was a combination of the provided topics. Read more

That Sounds Familiar

By Edward Koren

I’m confident that much of what you are going to read is not new. In fact, I may have mentioned some of these things in a previous post (or two). Regardless, based on the conversations that took place in the house today, I find the following lists timely (if only for me).

10 Things You Might Hear If You Have Kids

10. “My pajamas are wet, so I took them off.”
9. “No fair!”
8. “Mommy! He’s touching me, again!”
7. “But Grandma lets me do it.”
6. “Mommy, Joe is looking at me.”
5. “But, I wanted to sit there.”
4. “You’re a poopy head.”
3. “Butt. Butt. Butt. Butt.”
2. “Mommy, Charlie hit me.”
1. “Mommy, I can’t find one of my worms.”

10 Things You May Have Said If You Are A Parent

10. “Please stop rocking in your chair.”
9. “Leave your brother alone.”
8. “Don’t pull your shirt over your knees; you’re stretching it.”
7. “Don’t play with your food, please; eat it.”
6. “Because I said so.”
5. “Stop pouring the water on your brother’s head.”
4. “Don’t make me come in there.”
3. “No, really, the dog does not want to wear your pajamas.”
2. “I am going to count to three.”
1. “Aaak! There is a worm on the counter!”


Laundry and Notes

So, I am realizing two more components to Phase 3 (when kids begin school) includes an increase in laundry and notes.

When my boys were first born, we received countless outfits from friends and family. Because my boys had such a large wardrobe, I didn’t have to do laundry more than once a week. And, life pretty much consisted of changing diapers, nursing and napping. I was not overly active, during the first 12 months of my boys’ life.

Today? Well, the boys have fewer clothes, as the baby gifts are a thing of the past. The boys are also more active than their pooping, napping and nursing days. Having to change their clothes more than once a day is not uncommon, due to playing in the mud, water, etc. And, due to the smaller wardrobe, laundry is done at least twice a week.

In addition to an increase in activity for my boys, my activity level has increased. My paid gig keeps me busy, as does tending to the boys, tending to Rob, keeping house, etc. Today, while starting the third load of laundry, I realized I had notes scattered throughout the house. Little reminders here and there, helping me to keep from forgetting what tasks I have to tackle.

Call prospects for paid gig. Check paid invoices for paid gig. Get bday card for Dalton. Order cakes from Brusters. Pay bills. Mail insurance paperwork. Pick up flea/tick meds from vet. The 3×3 notes are everywhere. Sadly, these lists don’t ensure proper processing. After I dropped the boys off this morning, my first task was to go to the grocery store (list in hand). And now, I realize I forgot to buy something that was written on the list, which means I am creating a new note, reminding me not to forget what I forgot this morning.

Now, please excuse me. The bedsheets are dry, so I need to move what is in the washing machine into the dryer, and add another load to the washer. Then I need to make the boys’ beds. First, I had better write the note about what I forgot this morning. What was it again? Don’t hate me because of my glamorous life.