Bedfellows, Buddies and Berber – Oh my!

.:: Bedfellows
Having spent the past six days with a sick child, we are thrilled to start today off with a completely healthy household. The crowd goes wild! Our routine is back. And again, the crowd goes wild.

Charlie spent three nights sleeping with me, in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. And Daddy – well, Daddy slept on the couch. Last night, Charlie was ready, willing and able to return to his bed. Immediately, Joe asked if he could sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Daddy said yes. I had to work and wasn’t home, so Daddy actually got to sleep in the bed.

When we were putting Joe to bed, he said “If you snore, Daddy. Don’t. Because I hate that.”


Mismatched buddies, with one showing his 4th wiggly tooth.

.:: Buddies
Having returned from my overnight job, I walked upstairs from the garage. Charlie greeted me at the top of the stairs with a big smile. I smiled back and said, “Good morning, Chuck chuck! It’s good to see your smile.” He was dressed and ready to head to Suzann’s house, for the first time this week.

Soon after I came upstairs, Joe rounded the corning, “Mommy!” I gave him a hug and noticed is sock covered feet. “Hey! You have to different socks on your feet.” He smiled. “Yeah, do you like it?” “Sure!” I said.

Charlie walked over to me, raising his pant legs. “Oh look!” I said. “You have two different socks on your feet, too!”

“Can I wear two different shoes to school?” Joe asked. My eyes squinted and my lips puckered, as I thought about his request. Joe goes to a private school, and he usually wears a school uniform. However, school is out for Winter break, and Joe is attending camp. School uniforms are not required for camp. “Hmmm….” I pondered out loud. “I guess so. Sure!” “Yay!” Joe said, as he turned around and ran to get his shoes.

“Can I wear different shoes, too?” Charlie asked. “Sure, Charlie.”

Joe returned fully dressed in his deliberately mismatched attire. “Do you like it?” He asked. Smiling I said, “Yes, I actually do like it.” (I wear socks with sandals. The fact that I like Joe’s style (or lack thereof) should come as no surprise.) “Some kids at school may laugh at you.” I warned Joe. “Yeah, I know. That’s OK. I don’t care.” Joe said. Good for him, I thought. Good for him.

P.S. Both boys took one matching shoe with them … just in case.


What a face, eh?

.:: Berber
On my way home from work this week, I noticed a dog meandering along a road, seemingly oblivious to the steady and fast moving traffic. I decided to pull over to the side of the road and try to get the dog to safety. Shortly after I pulled to the side, a kid walked out of his house and tried to help me get the dog.

While we tried to coral the pooch, a few other drivers pulled off to the side to help. I wondered if the dog was old or deaf (or both), because it seemed dazed and confused. I suppose cars speeding past can create a dazed and confused state of mind. Long story short, with the help of the kid (and his Mom and sister, who both joined us later), I was able to get the dog in the back of my car.

The family suggested I check with the house across the street. Which I did, and I found out they did not own the dog. Then, I drove two houses further to a horse farm. Rather than driving down their long and private drive, I called the number on their sign and left a message.

When I returned home, I put my new furry, four-legged friend in our backyard. Shortly after the pup had a chance to explore the backyard, I brought out our two dogs to meet their new friend. Happily, the three dogs greeted each other with nothing but pooch pleasantries, which consists of sniffing privates parts and doing a tail wagging ritual. Due to one of our dogs closely examining the friendly fur-ball, we learned our guest was a boy dog.

Once the dogs were settled, I made a few calls, in search of the dog’s owner. Within an hour of being home, my call phone rang. “I was given your number by someone. I understand you found a dog?” A woman said to me. “Yes, I did.” I told her. “Does he answer to ‘Berber’?” She asked. While talking with the woman, I went outside and called out to Berber. Immediately, Berber lit up! He could hear! He wasn’t dazed! He wasn’t confused! And sadly, he wasn’t going to be our new family pooch, either.

The woman was reconnected with her four legged child, and Berber was reunited with his two legged Mom. And, we all lived happily every after. Woof!


Be kind. Take care of yourself and each other.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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