Friday: How do you measure a year?

Today, my son is celebrating another birthday. Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post, I want to share Joe’s response to our question, “What do you want written on your cake, Joe?” He answered, “We love Joe.”

Because I started blogging on my son’s birthday last year, today I am celebrating my first full year of blogging, too. My readers may recall my 100th post, which I wrote back in June of 2010. It was an riveting interview with myself. When you are done with this post, I encourage you to go back and read the interview by clicking here.

And, because my 100th post was a huge success (okay, really my bestest friend was the only one who loved it), I’ve decided to give another all-access pass to myself for a second exclusive interview with myself. Are you following me?

So, we’re doing this again, eh?
Yep. Apparently the first one was a huge hit!

I saw your note above, it was only a hit with your best friend.
Whatever. Just ask me questions, please.

Okay, these first few questions come from some of your friends.
Can I make it through this snow without one family member causing major bodily damage to anther family member?
Funny. Yes, that is my friend Robin. Like me, she lives in Georgia, and we were hit with a winter storm. And, like her, I was stuck home with the family for several days. Family time is great – forced family time is …. well, it can be challenging. And, to Robin I say, “Yes, you and your family will make it without major bodily damage. Minor damage? Meh. Good luck with that.”

If you were standing on the Space Shuttle in space and you hit a golf ball with a driver, would you have an infinitely long drive?
HA! That’s my friend PT Rob. And, if he is reading this, I’m certain he’ll appreciate my response. Though the answer is obvious – yes, you would have an infinitely long drive, I posed the question to my husband, Tall Rob. And, as one might expect, Tall Rob started to analyze and explain his answer in detail, referring to several NOVA episodes we have seen regarding space. I had to shut him down, as I really only intended it to be a rhetorical question.

My dog’s bum stinks. Do you think its because her feet get too cold to go the bathroom outside in the snow, and am I about to have a really bad situation?
Ah, yes. The familiar, “My dog’s bum stinks” situation. One of my dogs had gas so bad, she literally cleared a campsite, as folks tried to escape the odor. Anyway, I’m guessing Rocket Dog isn’t fond of the snow and ice. I doubt you’ll have a really bad situation, but I’d hold off on doggie treats – at least for a couple days.

To my Maryville friend I say, “Because life is old there, older than the trees; younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze.”

What makes you so darn cute?
My North Texas University hat. Definitely, my North Texas University hat. Or, my Texas Longhorns, hat. Definitely, my Texas Longhorns hat.

Our Seasons of Love

That’s it for the questions from your friends, so now it is up to me. What good, if anything, has come from a year of blogging?
Wow. Great question. I believe this blog has played a key role in saving myself, my marriage and my relationship with my family. And, I’ve probably said that in the past. It’s true, though. This blog has become an outlet for me, which has helped me have more productive conversations at home.

Your first blog was titled, “Note writing with a purpose”. With that title in mind, do you feel you’ve accomplished what you sought out to accomplish?
Again. Nice question. I am – er you are – getting good at this. Have I accomplished my purpose? Yes, I believe I have. If only because I have found greater stability in my personal life. And, going back to my – sorry, your – previous question about note writing with a purpose, my communication at home has become more purposeful. Plus, part of me hopes my readers found purpose in my posts.

You’ve titled today’s blog, “How do you measure a year”. Why?
Well, when I started thinking about what I was going to do to mark the one year anniversary of my blog, I immediately thought of the song from Rent, ‘Seasons of Love’. I started to wonder how I would measure this past year. Now by going back to the beginning of this post, I want to point out what Joe wanted written on his cake: “We love Joe.” Well, Joe is right, we love him. Moreover, in tune with the song ‘Seasons of Love’, I am measuring this year with love. Through venting, moaning, groaning, pondering, questioning and babbling in my blog, I found greater amounts of love (and appreciation) for my family, my friends and my life.

And ice cream?
Huh? Oh, yes. Though I’m not sure I could love ice cream any more than I do now, I could easily measure this past year in pints of ice cream.

So, with your greater amount of love and appreciation, does this mean your moaning and groaning will come to an end?
HA! Are you kidding? I haven’t hit menopause yet. Mother Nature still visits me every 28 days. As long as my hormonal cycles continue, I think it is a safe bet that my moaning and groaning will continue. And if/when the hormones level out, my kids entering their teenage years will certainly stir up the moans and groans.

Anything you would like to add before closing the post today?
You know – well, you do know – I’d like to thank Rob. “Thanks, Rob!” He has supported me from the get-go, even when I pushed him away (hard). He may not always like what I write or what I share, but he continues to support my need to write and my need to share. I also want to thank my followers/readers. Thank you for spending 2010 with me. I hope you will spend another 525,600 minutes with me this year, too. Bring your friends!


Be kind, and take care of yourself and each other.

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