My 100th Post: The Interview

Since January 2010, Lenore Diane has put forth an effort to post entertaining thoughts regarding her take on life. To mark her 100th post, she decided to sit down with herself to ask and answer questions about the past six months. Wearing black, cropped pants and a purple shirt, she sits and answers my, er, her questions.

So, this is your 100th post. Are you surprised you’ve written so much?
Surprised? No. I have an incredible ability to babble. You’ve heard the thought, ‘Dance like no one is watching’, right? Well, I write and talk even if no one is reading or listening.

Do you think you have a following of readers?
I know one of my sisters reads my blog regularly. And, I know a friend that checks in every now and again. Aside from those two folks, I’m not sure I have followers per se. The stats show I am getting hits, so that has to count for something, right? I can only hope those who find me will come back again and again.

When do you get your best ideas for posts?
Well, when I go to bed at night, my mind becomes inundated with blogging ideas. And, every night, I go to bed convinced I’ll remember my idea in the morning. And, every morning, the idea was lost in the night.

Why not keep a writing pad and pen by your bed?
Gee. Great idea, Genius. I have a handy dandy notebook and pen that I try to keep with me at all times, including on my bedside nightstand. Unfortunately, I often forget to grab the notebook and/or I forgot where I had it last.

So, you’re very organized, eh?
HA! You’re funny. Have you read my post ‘Hiding the Junk’? I make no claims to being organized.

Out of the 99 posts, do you have a favorite?

Ok, smart ass. Which post is your favorite?
Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I like the post about my Dad, written to coincide with my niece graduating from college. Oh, and I liked my Ode To Amherst Shore. Hmm … I guess I don’t have a favorite, rather I have several I like more than others.

What do you hope to accomplish with your written posts?
Well, my followers will know this answer.

I’m sorry, you mean, assuming you have followers.
Whatever. My hope is to entertain, enlighten and encourage. Though I really don’t know what I want to encourage. I just wanted to name a third thing starting with ‘e’. I’d also like to be published. I believe I have produced some good posts, though it may be obvious that I lack an editor. Still, I believe, with the help of an editor, I could produce an excellent publication of posts.

Do you think you are funny? And, do you try to use humor in your writing?
Yes, I think I am funny, and I definitely try to use humor in my writing. My reality is that I crack myself up all the time. I come from a family of folks that crack themselves up all the time. We laugh at our own jokes, and we are completely OK with the fact that others aren’t laughing. My heart goes out to the folks who don’t laugh at our humor. We are some seriously funny people! HA HA! See?! Made me laugh. *sigh* ‘Oh me’

What haven’t you written about that you know you will write about in the future?
Ooo, I love that question. I don’t know. I have covered so much territory already. I’m not sure what is left, but I’m certain I’ll find something. Maybe I will write in greater detail about my fears.

Ok, let’s go with a lightening round. Quick and short answers, please. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
Seriously? What – are you Barbara Walters? This is completely cheesy.

Ya think? You’re the one writing this post. Now please, just answer the question.
*sigh* Any evergreen tree.

What’s one thing folks don’t know about you?
My weight; it changes frequently based on my consumption of ice cream during any given week.

You’re not very good at short answers. Name your favorite holiday.

What’s your favorite color?

What is your dream car?
Mercedes. Any model. Consumer Reports always ranks them high on their automobile lists. And, Mercedes does well during the crash tests. Wait. Based on your facial expression, I’m guessing my response is too long?

Well, we have come to the end of our interview.
Oh. Please ask me another question.

Here's to another 100 reflections of life

Seriously. People follow you? *sigh* Okay, what did you make for dinner?
When? Last night?

Oh my gosh! Who cares?!
I don’t know. Maybe my followers?

Ugh. Just answer the question, what did you make for dinner last night?
Nothing. We went out to a restaurant.

Wait. Let me guess. You were trying to be funny and amused yourself, right?
*giggle* Yeah. I really do crack myself up.


7 thoughts on “My 100th Post: The Interview

  1. Lenore i am going to answer this question for you as a follower of yours-
    Q- What do you hope to accomplish with your written posts?
    Ans- Nothing except, a person with a smiling face while typing a comment on my comment box. To make someone laugh and to share the happiness and smile is the biggest thing a person can do for someone else. Because at the end of the day everyone looks for little happiness.

    1. You cracked me up, too, AA. I am so glad you took the time to go back and read my 100th post. Thank you. Bonus points to you, too, for laughing. The check is in the mail. (smile)

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