O Holy Night

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All religions have their holiest of holidays. For Christians, it is my understanding that Easter is the holiest of holidays, because it is when Christ was rose from the dead. While I’m not hear to argue which is ‘traditionally’ thought of as the holiest of holidays for Christians or any other religion, for me, the holiest of holidays is Christmas. And, for me, the holiest of Christmas songs (actually, the holiest of all songs) is ‘O Holy Night’.

As a parent, giving birth to my two boys was two of the holiest moments for me. The miracle of life – the wonder of what these tiny babies will grow into as adults. To me, the hope every new life brings is something to be considered holy. With regards to Christmas, the religious focus is the birth of Jesus Christ, and the belief He is the son of God. The birth of Jesus brings a new hope to some of the people of Jerusalem and surrounding nations. Regardless of your faith, hope is something we all turn to for strength at one time or another.

One of my most favorite things of the holidays is hearing every singer’s own rendition of ‘O Holy Night’. For me, ‘O Holy Night’ embodies hope. Hearing the words to ‘O Holy Night’ brings tears to my eyes, each and every time. The birth of Christ stopped the world, if only for a moment, as hope filled all nations. Not a Christian? Again, I equate it to the birth of your children. With every birth, the world stops, if only for a moment, as hope fills the hearts of the family. Birth is a holy moment.

Interestingly, a recent study indicates 9 out of 10 Americans celebrate Christmas, though not necessarily from a religious aspect. And, the 9 out of 10 includes atheists, Muslims and Jews. A story about the study can be found via USA Today, by clicking here. Keeping in tune with the 9 out of 10 Americans, this Christmas allow yourself to stop, if only for a moment. Grab hold of hope. Grab hold of your own ‘O Holy Night’, and hold on to that hope as long as you can. With hope, we strive for better. With hope, we are better. And, I wish you a very merry ‘O Holy Night’.

2 thoughts on “O Holy Night

  1. I think most people feel more hopeful during Christmas. This holiday seems to lift us up and give us courage.

    This was my first Christmas without my beloved husband, still it was joyous with family and friends.

    1. Maxi, I am grateful you went exploring and found this post. It is one of my favorites. I am happy to hear you managed to make this holiday a joyful one, surrounded by family and friends. Thank God for family and friends, as they help us up and keep us standing during the toughest periods in life. My heart continues to go out to you. I know this is not an easy time.

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