Why Don’t You Help? (Caution: Religious Post)

First things first – the words I share with you in this post, aside from the introduction, are not my words. These words were taken from the March-April 2013 issue of The Upper Room, a daily devotion publication.

The story of Jesus on the cross calling out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” has troubled me for years. I wondered why – if he was the Son of God – would he question God, and why would he fear his Father’s plan? I still had faith, but my faith coexisted with questions. Plus, I’ve always struggled with Christians labeling today “Good Friday”, when I consider death to be anything but “good”. Read more

What Do You Do, Dear?

Picture courtesy of harpercollins(dot)com

Two books from my childhood (though written 11 yrs before I was born) were “What Do You Do, Dear?” and “What Do You Say, Dear?” by Sesyle Joslin.

The books offer a funny approach to manners. For instance, if a lady, captive on a pirate ship, drops her handkerchief while walking the plank, “What do you do, Dear?” Or, if a nice gentleman introduces you to a baby elephant, “What do you say, Dear?”

The titles of the books came to my mind recently, after reading an email from my nephew. Read more

An Atheist and a Christian sit down to dinner.

While on vacation, the dinners were wonderful. Our friends prepared a new meal for us every night. Wait a minute, one night we had leftovers. Well, we had a new meal prepared for us most nights. One should not be greedy.

In addition to the incredible meals, the dialogue was a treat, too. Some nights, the kids gathered at the Little Tikes picnic table discussing the grossest way to eat noodles, while the adults sat at the ‘Big Tikes” table, talking about science, marriage, politics and religion.

For some, such topics would equate to sheer and utter misery. (I’m referring to the talks about science, nature, politics, and religion. Obviously, conversations about the grossest way to eat noodles would make for a wicked cool conversation.) However, I find those topics fun and entertaining. Keep in mind, I’m different. Read more