All Aboard! It’s Friday!

.:: The Train
I hate that train. Hate it. Okay, so whenever my Mom heard us use the word ‘hate’, she would quickly say, “Hate is a very strong word.” Well Mum, with all due respect, I hate that train.

I love my sister. Love her. But, say it with me – I hate that train.

My sister bought everyone in our family a train for Christmas one year. I don’t remember the year. I don’t believe Rob and I had kids yet, so I’ll guess it was Christmas 2005. The train is suitable for circling Christmas trees. The train is NOT suitable for kids to play with it. Have I mentioned we have two boys? We do. They love the train.

Every year, since our kids could talk, we are asked, “Can we set up the train now?” After setting it up for them once during the ‘off season’, I quickly learned to make it a Christmas-only train. Well, when Christmas approaches – as in Thanksgiving day – our boys begin the quest to get the train set up and ready for play. This year, we brushed them off until December 16th. Go ahead, check your calendar – today is Dec. 17th.

The train is set up. This year, the train is set up downstairs in the garage. I had my first run-in with the train today, with Joe pleading for me to help him fix it. Even though I knew good and well, the train would topple over again the instant it was touched, I agreed to help him fix it. And, being the bad Mom, I muttered ‘I hate this train’ the entire time, while Joe jumped up and down, excited to play with it.

I have a video of Joe playing with the train. And yes, I took the time to upload it to YouTube [click here]. Why not see what all the hub-bub is about for yourself, eh? If you do happen to watch the video, note the rail cars that are off the track. I suppose even Joe tires of fixing the train over and over again. Then again, look at his face. One cannot deny the enjoyment he gets from playing with the train. Yeah, I may not like the train, but I love the joy it brings the boys. All aboard!!


Let the boys enjoy the train.
Even if it drives us insane.

For Christmas comes just once a year –
Drop the hate and pick up the cheer!


.:: A Few of My Favorite Things
I’m excited. As Christmas nears, my excitement grows. I haven’t listened to many holiday tunes this Christmas season, and we’ve only visited Santa’s house once. Still, I’m excited.

This week I worked late at my boss’s house. While we were finishing up the billing, a tedious task, I found myself thinking more of Christmas than billing. (Shhh.. don’t tell my boss) Of course, the fact that my boss has the coolest of holiday decorations throughout her house may have something to do with the Christmas distraction.

Joe had his first school Christmas program this week, which added to my excitement. How neat it was to see Joe on stage singing with his classmates. And, how comical it was to watch Joe fidget and focus on just about anything and everything, while also managing to sing all the songs.

Joe came home from school after his holiday party at school. Donned in a cute new apron, he was excited to sit down and eat the gingerbread man he decorated in school. Excitement is a wonderful thing to catch.

Christmas lights decorate countless houses throughout our community. During the holidays, driving at night becomes a magical journey.

Friends and neighbors share their favorite festive baked goods. Holiday cards fill the mailboxes, with pictures and tales from the year. And Christmas videos become viral, as everyone loves a little holiday diversion.

This morning, Joe removed the critter out of the pocket for day 17 on our Advent Calendar. 8 days left until Christmas! May the excitement continue to grow, while we enjoy each and every day.


Be kind, and take care of yourself and others.

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