What a brat!

Veruca - The Queen of the Brats

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary the word brat is defined as a : child; specifically : an ill-mannered annoying child <a spoiled brat> b : an ill-mannered immature person. I was thinking about the word ‘brat’, as I was driving to pick up my boys. Coincidence perhaps? Probably not.

I am not a Mom who believes her kids are incapable of being brats. In fact, I’ve seen proof that both of my boys are skilled enough to be a brat at times. The youngest child seems to be more in tune with his brat-like personality. Unfortunately, he is also in tune with his beautiful eyes and charming smile. My youngest can be a very charming brat. As the youngest, I tend to accept and/or tolerate more from him than I do my oldest. If the oldest picks on the youngest, I will often reprimand the oldest. If the youngest picks on the oldest, I often reprimand the oldest. No. That’s not a typo. It’s the truth.

As I have said in past posts, I am the youngest. And, though I may not have pushed the envelope [my husband hates that saying] as far as my siblings may have, my parents may have had more tolerance for my ‘doings’ than the ‘doings’ of those before me. And, I don’t think a parent needs to have many kids to increase their tolerance, they just need more than one.

I worry about my youngest. No, not the kind of worry that keeps me up at night, gets my heart beating fast or gives me a belly ache. Instead, I worry that he may lack a bit of respect. My oldest doesn’t talk back to me as much as my youngest. I think I talked back to my parents as a kid, but I don’t believe my siblings talked back to my parents. I could be wrong.

My kids are young. It is early in the game of life. Still, I watch my youngest. I know he is getting away with more than his brother. Moreover, I know he knows he is getting way with more than his brother. Much like someone might say, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”; I tell myself, “I’ll start reprimanding him tomorrow.” I’m not sure when tomorrow will come, but I know I am running out of time to step-up. A nearly 4yr old is much easier to ‘control’ than a teenager. And, I believe a disciplined and respectful ‘toddler’ makes for a better disciplined and respectful adult. Yeah. I’ll keep you posted on that theory.

One thought on “What a brat!

  1. It’s called 2nd child syndrome and I thought you were talking about my daughter! We know a little bit more about kids when the second one comes along so we’re a little more tolerant and don’t worry so much. I try to be fair to my oldest as much as possible because being the oldest isn’t always to his advantage.

    You’re the youngest and you turned out ok – not too bratty in my opinion!

    Love ya, mean it!

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