Busy Betty Eats Mexican

Cacy here. How are you? Goodness. I went out to a local Mexican restaurant last night. The place was packed. It was a Friday night, so I wasn’t surprised to see the crowds. Nor, was I surprised to see the kids. Lots of kids. Why do parents let their kids run around restaurants, especially when the restaurants are packed and the wait staff is running around trying to cater to every need? Sure, some folks smile at the cute little tots running all over the place, but the same smiling folks are thinking, “Ok. Cute kid. Now control it, please.”

So, while I was eating, I noticed Betty. She was an older lady, and she had big hair. Betty was one of four people eating at the table. Their party consisted of three women, Betty, Brenda and Beverly and one man, Bob. The thing I noticed first, well second to Betty’s big hair, was the bluetooth attached to Brenda’s ear. Brenda was easily in her 60s, and with all due respect, my age estimate may be low. I don’t understand why folks are so attached to their cell phones. I felt sorry for Brenda. Her life is apparently so busy, she can’t turn off. She is unable to step away from the phone long enough to enjoy dinner.

Big-hair Betty knew how to live life. She was all dolled-up, laughing largely and enjoying the company of friends. She was chatting with Bob, who sat next to her. And, she was chatting with Beverly and Brenda. Beverly was younger than the other three, probably in her 40s. In fact, Beverly was Betty’s daughter.

I watched the body language of this party of four. I still didn’t understand the need for Brenda to have a bluetooth, and I found it distracting. It seems the bluetooth has become an accessory much like a watch or a necklace. The bluetooth is an earring for this generation, or something. It doesn’t matter, though. Clearly, the person the bluetooth bothered most was me. It didn’t seem to make anyone at the table laugh less, nor did it get in the way of their constant flowing conversation. So, whom am I to judge? Yes, this I know.

As I watched Betty, I came to really like her. She was enjoying herself. And, she was enjoying her date. And, Betty and Bob finished their dinner first. Betty asked her daughter for the car keys, and they shared a laugh. Then, Bob took Betty’s hand and helped her stand up. Brenda and Beverly giggled and advised the couple to keep it clean and be safe. Bob and Betty blushed, and started to walk away. As they walked away, I noticed Betty also had a bluetooth attached to her ear. Big-haired Betty is apparently a Busy Betty, too. Cheers to you Big-haired, busy Betty. I hope you and Bob had a great night, with or without your bluetooth. Something tells me you did.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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