Okay, Okay – I admit it.

Okay, so I could think of a gabillion (plus one) excuses for why we did what we did. First, Rob had a business meeting out of town today, so he wasn’t home for supper. Second, I am feeling a little anxious about the burial Rob and I are attending this week. However, I’m not here to make excuses. I am here to own up to what we did tonight. And by ‘we’ – I mean, Joe, Charlie and me.

I asked the boys what they wanted for supper. The boys told me what they wanted for supper. We stopped at the store. We bought supper, and I bought a little something extra. Obesity on the rise? Diabetes on the rise? Please. Those are battles folks are fighting because they do not take good care of themselves. My family doesn’t have to worry about obesity and diabetes.

Before dinner, we exercise:

Working up an appetite for dinner.

And, while Dad is away on business, we focus on eating well. May your dinners be as well-rounded and healthy. And remember, take care of yourself and each other. Cheers!

Dinnder for three. And yes, the larger container is mine. All mine.

Busy Betty Eats Mexican

Cacy here. How are you? Goodness. I went out to a local Mexican restaurant last night. The place was packed. It was a Friday night, so I wasn’t surprised to see the crowds. Nor, was I surprised to see the kids. Lots of kids. Why do parents let their kids run around restaurants, especially when the restaurants are packed and the wait staff is running around trying to cater to every need? Sure, some folks smile at the cute little tots running all over the place, but the same smiling folks are thinking, “Ok. Cute kid. Now control it, please.” Read more