Holding the Power and Having No Kids

Because I have been remiss in writing, I feel I am a newbie once again. That said, pardon me while I get a little manic and scatter-brained.

Before I get to the meat of this post, I am showing a bit of my giddy school girl geekiness. Understand, my geekiness is for technology that has existed for years, but the technology is newly in my hands. Ack! I have the technology; I can make it better, stronger,… Wait. Wrong reference. Read more

Busy Betty Eats Mexican

Cacy here. How are you? Goodness. I went out to a local Mexican restaurant last night. The place was packed. It was a Friday night, so I wasn’t surprised to see the crowds. Nor, was I surprised to see the kids. Lots of kids. Why do parents let their kids run around restaurants, especially when the restaurants are packed and the wait staff is running around trying to cater to every need? Sure, some folks smile at the cute little tots running all over the place, but the same smiling folks are thinking, “Ok. Cute kid. Now control it, please.” Read more