Today, my word of the day is ‘Consistency’. Actually, my word of the day was first ‘consistancy’, but I realized that was misspelled, so I changed it. And so begins my journey towards consistency. Following through on plans and goals with a new sense of firmness and dedication, even it means using spell-check.

I did the NordicTrack again today. Good for me. No, no – hold your applause. Really. The fact that you are smiling and cheering me on in the privacy of your own world is praise enough. You make me blush. Really. I have no intention of reporting every time I exercise. Though I want to be consistent with my exercise, my consistency ties to WordPress and blogging by simply blogging on a regular – um – consistent – basis.

Today, my husband’s word of the day is exercise. A part of me wonders if he is mocking me, or trying to encourage and remind me to exercise today. As if I would forget, eh? And, the part of me that is bothered by his word of the day is the very part of me I need to work out with myself. I am consistently looking for the negative with my husband. It is yet another cycle, like one I mentioned in a previous post. However, because I am writing about my thoughts, I believe it clears my head and helps me turn the thought process around in a more positive direction.

Random side note here: I don’t care for the music of Jimmy Hendrix. As I type, I have Pandora playing in the background, and I am listening to a veritable plethora of musicians and music. And, I am finding that whenever Jimmy’s music is played, I get annoyed. No offense to the Hendrix fans. Honest. I appreciate the fact that he had an incredible talent. End to random side note.

What was I saying? I am constantly getting off track. Ha.

It is my hope that writing consistently will help me work through the countless thoughts that invade my head on a daily basis. And, yes, I am hoping to exercise consistently. Come to think of it, my husband is looking for consistency, too. He mentioned last night that he wants us to be more consistent with the kids and our reprimands. Truth be told, he is speaking to himself. He tends to be the one who says something but doesn’t follow through. And, for the first time in I don’t know when, I did not put anything on him last night, nor did I tell him how to act, be, do, etc.

Not too long ago, my husband might have made the comment, “We need to be more consistent with the boys,” only to have me lash out in defense. I would have taken what he said personally, and I would have put up a wall and proceeded to tell him how he was doing it wrong, etc. Last night I almost did the same thing, but I stopped myself. I told him I wasn’t going to tell him how to be or how to handle the boys. I simply told him that I heard what he was suggesting. It did not become a fight. It didn’t even become a discussion with raised voices. Quite a change. What had been consistent suddenly became different. Interesting. Or not.

My husband also asked that I work on raising my voice with the boys. And, again, in my learned psycho-babble speak, I said “I hear you want me to stop raising my voice.” I let him know I heard him, but I also let him know that raising my voice was a characteristic of mine, and I couldn’t guarantee it would change. Furthermore, I found myself surprisingly non-irritated by his request. I heard him. I acknowledged it. And, that was it. I didn’t get all in my head and make it sound like he was saying something more than what he said. I took him at his word, and I responded to his word. That’s big.

I believe we often hear what folks say to us, but we process something entirely different. People talk of different kinds of filters. One kind of filter pertains to day to day conversations. Some folks don’t have a conversation-filter, and they say whatever they want whenever they want. Another kind of filter is the filter in our head that replays what was said to us. I think it is like the telephone game. The statement starts out one way; but, when the statement travels through our filter of insecurities, fears, doubts, beliefs, etc. it becomes something entirely different.

Excuse me while I toot my own horn, but I think that observation is brilliant. I just gave myself an ah-ha moment. Cool! And, cooler is the fact that last night during my conversation with my husband, the filter in my head was turned off. I actually heard his words and went with it. His words did not pass Go, and they did note collect $200. Cool.

So, as I parent my boys, learn to love my spouse and live my life in a healthy fashion (emotionally, mentally and physically), I look to and work towards being consistent. And, with each word of the day, I hope to find encouragement. Today, my word of the day is ‘Consistency’.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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