Write What You Know

The most common bit of advice I have received from writers is simply, “Write what you know.” Based on that advice alone, I will never write about math. I do not know math. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do know addition and subtraction, provided you give me a minute to get the visual in my head and work at it for a few minutes. If the problem involves single digits, I should be able to have an answer for you within seconds. If double digits are involved, I’ll need a little more time. If triple digits are involved, you might as well check in with me the following day. Continue reading “Write What You Know”


Today, my word of the day is ‘Consistency’. Actually, my word of the day was first ‘consistancy’, but I realized that was misspelled, so I changed it. And so begins my journey towards consistency. Following through on plans and goals with a new sense of firmness and dedication, even it means using spell-check.

I did the NordicTrack again today. Good for me. No, no – hold your applause. Really. The fact that you are smiling and cheering me on in the privacy of your own world is praise enough. You make me blush. Really. I have no intention of reporting every time I exercise. Though I want to be consistent with my exercise, my consistency ties to WordPress and blogging by simply blogging on a regular – um – consistent – basis. Continue reading “Consistency”