Minding the Manic

This morning is a crazy morning for me. My thoughts are in overdrive, and I am finding it difficult to focus on one thought and seeing it through to completion. And, with the manic state of mind comes tension. I seem to be in a constant state of tension. Even as I type, I feel the tension in my upper back and lower jaw. I tell myself to relax, and I do – for a second. But the tension finds me again. Continue reading “Minding the Manic”


Today, my word of the day is ‘Consistency’. Actually, my word of the day was first ‘consistancy’, but I realized that was misspelled, so I changed it. And so begins my journey towards consistency. Following through on plans and goals with a new sense of firmness and dedication, even it means using spell-check.

I did the NordicTrack again today. Good for me. No, no – hold your applause. Really. The fact that you are smiling and cheering me on in the privacy of your own world is praise enough. You make me blush. Really. I have no intention of reporting every time I exercise. Though I want to be consistent with my exercise, my consistency ties to WordPress and blogging by simply blogging on a regular – um – consistent – basis. Continue reading “Consistency”