Babble on

I babble. I may be the biggest babbler. Thankfully, I have friends that accept my babbling. They may not listen to every word I have to say, nor read every word I write, but they accept me. My friends also accept the fact that, in addition to babbling, I ramble. I won’t say my babblings and ramblings don’t annoy my accepting friends, still they accept me.

So. Late yesterday afternoon I left my house and check-in to a hotel. I am at the hotel now. My husband and two boys are enjoying a Mommy-free weekend, and I am enjoying a responsibility-free weekend. There is a party of me that is missing the fun I know the guys are having, but there is a part of me that is just jumping up and down inside, because no one needs anything from me for a full 72 hours. I have all this time to enjoy little things like: uninterrupted bathroom trips, impromptu non-healthy meals, whine-free zones, quiet, peace and relaxation.

This is my first trip away since before I was pregnant with my first son, who just turned 5yrs old. I’ve thought about taking time away, but the Mommy-guilt always won, keeping me home. Plus, is it really sane to check-in to a hotel all by yourself for a weekend all by yourself? I questioned it. Solitude. Sometimes solitude can drive people crazy. And well, there are people out there that may think I am a bit crazy, so would solitude be a good thing for me? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Maybe it is the caffeine talking, but I feel so good right now. I have wanted to sit down and write a new post in my newly created blog for a week. But, at home, with a job, with the kids, with the husband, with the dogs, there is always something that needs to get done. And, if I have a moment to do nothing, then I want to use that moment to do absolutely nothing. When home, even things I enjoy, like writing and babbling, become chores. When I am home, I am looking for my next ‘nothing to do’ moment.

Right now, I am in the midst of enjoying about 72hrs of ‘nothing to do’ moments. And, I plan on enjoying each and every moment of nothing, which will include many babbles and rambles to you – my virtual readers or my three best friends. Meh. No matter. I’m writing. I am doing what I enjoy. And, as my three friends will tell you, I can babble and ramble to doors, walls and myself quite well.

Side note: Please continue to support the people of Haiti. They will need our help for a very long time. If you have yet to donate, please take a moment and donate now. Thank you.  American Red Cross

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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