Joe celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. As he requested, we went bowling. He loves it. He may not be the best at it (yet), but he loves it. And, as geeky as it may make me sound, I think bowling lessons are in Joe’s future. It’s a fairly cheap sport to play, it is a non-contact sport and there is a bit of  money in it. Sign him up!

We had fun. Watching Joe play and seeing the excitement on his face is what makes birthdays great. And, seeing his younger brother enjoy the celebrating, too, added to the fun. Charlie’s not a bad bowler, either. He has a very entertaining dance factor, too.

That’s all. Just a short post. I may be back again later today. We purchased and installed a Roku yesterday. Did I already mention that? It is great. Seeing movies instantly and having Pandora stream through the TV . . . Love. It. Good stuff. And with good stuff comes very little need to vent. That’s kind of backwards, I guess. One should talk about happy things more than venting things, eh? Meh. We’ll see.

Peace. Out.

That was my thought on the matter. Your comment?

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