Babble on

I babble. I may be the biggest babbler. Thankfully, I have friends that accept my babbling. They may not listen to every word I have to say, nor read every word I write, but they accept me. My friends also accept the fact that, in addition to babbling, I ramble. I won’t say my babblings and ramblings don’t annoy my accepting friends, still they accept me. Read more


Joe celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. As he requested, we went bowling. He loves it. He may not be the best at it (yet), but he loves it. And, as geeky as it may make me sound, I think bowling lessons are in Joe’s future. It’s a fairly cheap sport to play, it is a non-contact sport and there is a bit of  money in it. Sign him up! Read more

Note writing with a purpose

Today, January 14, is my son’s 5th birthday. Celebrating my son’s  birthday is the main thing on my mind today. However, I am also mindful of Haiti and the horrible 7.0 earthquake that hit that country two days ago. I have made a donation to the American Red Cross, and I hope you have done the same. If you’ve yet to donate, and you have money to spare, I ask that (regardless of how long ago the earthquake took place) you take a moment to make a donation.

And, while thinking of my son’s birthday and those suffering in Haiti, I am also thinking about my husband and our marriage. Frankly, my son’s birthday is a nice diversion. And, donating to charitable organizations is also a diversion that leaves me with a sense of purpose. These diversions keep my mind off the fact that my husband and I have been struggling with our marriage for the past 3 years.

I had dinner with a friend two nights ago. She has been my friend for over 30 years. She knows I am struggling, and she was doing her best to support me and offer me advice to get through the challenges. We also talked about Facebook and Twitter, two other diversions of  mine. She mentioned she enjoyed  my status updates on Facebook. Many people do, actually. I receive many comments about my updates. It’s quite fun, and I definitely put an effort into my status updates. I put the same effort in to Twitter. My friend was happy to hear I was on Twitter. She’s following me now. I told her that it should come as no surprise that I update my Facebook status and Twitter frequently because I have always been a note writer. She and I laughed remembering all the notes I have written over the years. So many notes. And sadly, I have kept many of the notes.

I realized, talking with my friend, I excel at note writing. In fact, I have been told by many that I should write a book. I don’t know that I will ever write a book, but I think it is high time I embrace this world of blogs and start using my note skills. Who knows where it will go. Who knows how many will read. What I do know is there are countless blogs in internet world. And, there are countless writers looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I am no different. I don’t need the fame, but it would be neat if my writings generated some buzz, motivated others and helped me save my marriage by giving me an outlet and making myself happy.

Who knows. Stay tuned. We’ll find out together. Right now, I will eat cake. Today, January 14, is my son’s 5th birthday.