Project 366: Day 67

ACHOO! Oh goodness, excuse me.

Spring has not yet sprung, but the trees are bursting with flowers. As every flower pops open, another poof of pollen fills the air.

My least favorite flowering tree is the Bradford Pear. The tree is beautiful in bloom, but the odor and the pollen drive me bonkers. Lucky for you, this is not a scratch and sniff shot.

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Project 366: Day 28

Rob’s favorite flower is the daffodil. He likes the fact that the blooming of daffodils indicate we are getting closer to warmer weather and longer daylight.

We do not do gardening. Any flowers, trees or landscape one may find in our yard is due to the previous owner. Sadly, we purchased this house nearly 10yrs ago, and the previous owner has not returned to maintain her hard work. Which brings me to the reason why I like daffodils: they are robust flowers. (Azaleas, too, for that matter.) Regardless of our brown thumbs, we are greeted by several areas of daffodils in late winter/early spring.

Based on the flower, the seasons are starting to change. I hope you find a ‘spring’ in your step today.

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