Project 366: Day 67

ACHOO! Oh goodness, excuse me.

Spring has not yet sprung, but the trees are bursting with flowers. As every flower pops open, another poof of pollen fills the air.

My least favorite flowering tree is the Bradford Pear. The tree is beautiful in bloom, but the odor and the pollen drive me bonkers. Lucky for you, this is not a scratch and sniff shot.




22 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 67

    1. Warmer weather and more sunlight is a good thing, though. I’ll take the sneezing as a price for the beauty and daylight. Welcome to my neighborhood, Mirjam. I appreciate your visit!

  1. Those Bradford pears do smell something fierce – such a lovely tree and a putrid fragrance…so far my allergies have been much better since we moved to Florida – my husbands much worse. Hope your not too miserable. The picture is lovely.

    1. I hope your husband isn’t too miserable these days. I am glad your allergies have lessened.
      How is it that something so beautiful smell so awful! It must serve some sort of protective purpose in the nature world. It certainly deters me! πŸ™‚

  2. Boy do I remember this from when I lived in Atlanta. Everything I owned was covered in a yellowish film of pollen! I’m not an allergy sufferer but it even got to me sometimes.
    Hope you can stay inside for a while.

    1. Yes.. the yellow dust that comes with the season. Typically the thick yellow pollen starts when the pine tress start to pop. I’ve heard that pollen doesn’t usually bother allergy sufferers because the pollen is so large. Whereas ragweed, flowers, Bradford Pears, etc. the pollen is smaller and creates a bigger irritation. Still, the beauty is undeniable, even with the sneezing.

  3. All I can brag about vis-a-vis Spring…I saw two crocuses popping up in a ditch on my morning walk. Oh, and my daffies are about to pop open. No pollen yet. I don’t envy you, Lenore…allergies are a big fat drag.

  4. My wife would agree with you about the Bradford Pears…
    she tends to go on a rant when she see’s them. On top of the pollen, she doesn’t like their shape (too ‘perfect’ for her), or how they tend to be quite easily toppled.
    Anyway, my point was (I think), beautiful shot, Ms. D… one of my favorites so far… I really like all those diagonals… and the light. Very, very nice!

    1. Oh how I could rant with Annabelle. I’m certain we’d drive you and my husband crazy. And yes! They do topple easy. One neighbor got rid of his, after losing sections of each tree with every storm. Very sad.
      I am glad you liked this shot. One of your favorites? You made me blush. I appreciate your kindness.

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