Project 366: Day 28

Rob’s favorite flower is the daffodil. He likes the fact that the blooming of daffodils indicate we are getting closer to warmer weather and longer daylight.

We do not do gardening. Any flowers, trees or landscape one may find in our yard is due to the previous owner. Sadly, we purchased this house nearly 10yrs ago, and the previous owner has not returned to maintain her hard work. Which brings me to the reason why I like daffodils: they are robust flowers. (Azaleas, too, for that matter.) Regardless of our brown thumbs, we are greeted by several areas of daffodils in late winter/early spring.

Based on the flower, the seasons are starting to change. I hope you find a ‘spring’ in your step today.



24 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 28

    1. Honestly, Chris! What, did she think just because she sold the house she was giving up the responsibility of keeping up the yard?! 🙂
      We kept in touch with her for years, and I was always afraid she would pop by unannounced.The backyard looks far different now, than when she owned the house. Two dogs and two boys have destroyed the beauty she created. I look back at the pictures and feel so sad. But – I love our place, and I love the fact that our boys can explore without limits. (The dogs, too.)

  1. They’re so hopeful looking! I did notice the day lasting a wee bit longer last night … ahh. But I woke to a blizzard howling around us, the old house creaking and groaning, and a grey light blanketing us as the snow falls. Tucked into the office, in my flannel jams with radiant heater going .. your sunshiney flowers seem as far away as the moon!


    1. MJ, you need to copy and paste your comment and create a post based on it. The howling winds of the blizzard, the house creaking and groaning. What a wonderful comment. I read it and feel I am in your house experiencing it all with you. Though I’d be tucked in an extra bed, flannel PJs and an electric blanket I brought with me. Oh, I’d prefer a window seat, too. So I can watch the howling winds.

      Trust me … daffodils are just around the corner for you, too.

  2. I’m so not a gardener that there are only a hand-full of flowers I can even identify properly…
    these sure do look bright and cheerful, though, Ms. D!
    Very spring-like indeed!

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