Cookies :: A Drabble

Here I am again, sharing another drabble with you.

A drabble is a work of fiction consisting 100 words.

Feel free to join me. Tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hash-tag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.

.: Cookies :.

She closed her eyes, letting the heat of the sun fill her face. The smell of freshly cut grass filled the air, and the birds sang happy songs. She loved everything about springtime, especially the cool breeze that was common this time of season.

“The sky is as blue as a sapphire, Lisa.” Mike said, walking outside to join her.

The screen door slammed shut behind him.

“I smell cookies.” She said.

“Good nose. I brought you one.”

Sade growled. “You sure about that?”

“Fine. Take all three.”

She laughed and patted her dog Sade, the greatest seeing-eye dog ever.


Okay, so I’m a finalist in this week’s Caption Contest hosted by Paul, aka The Good Greatsby. Voting ends on the 18th (that’s tomorrow for some, and today for others). If you have time, I’d appreciate you popping over to the post and voting for my caption. (Clicking here takes you there.) Conveniently enough, my entry is the first one listed.  I’m up against fellow bloggers, so even if I don’t get the prize, I’m honored to be nominated along side bloggers I enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Cookies :: A Drabble

    1. Welcome, Hippie! Pardon me for being silly, but I am a bit giddy that you stopped by and left a note. I am glad you enjoyed the drabble. I’ll make sure there are more cookies next time. Thank you.

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