Project 366: Day 149

Today is Memorial Day. Memorial day is a day Americans take the time to remember the men and women who died serving their country and the United States military.

Today, my Uncle is more than likely taking part in the annual Memorial Day Parade on Martha’s Vineyard. A retired Marine Corp. Captain, Uncle Gene fought in World War II. Read more

What am I doing?

What am I doing? I’m so confused.

In 2010, I started this blog to write out and explore my thoughts and feelings related to my marriage and my life. I hoped readers would relate to my stories, and I hoped I would start conversations.

Mid-2011, I began exploring flash fiction. I tapped into my alter egos (the many voices within) and created various stories inspired the group. I started taking part in writing challenges offered by other bloggers. And, I took part in Blogdramedy’s 12 days of BlogFestivus, which I enjoyed greatly. Read more

Read my words: I am a writer

Recently, on two separate occasions, I professed I was a writer. Each time, my declaration startled me. I quickly fumbled and confessed that my writing consisted of note writing and blogging. I made certain the people to whom I was speaking knew I was neither a published writer nor a paid writer.

What triggered my claim? My boys.

See, I was meeting with their teachers, and both teachers made a point to say that the boys had a passion for writing. According to the teachers, my oldest loves writing in his journal at school, and my youngest loves writing notes throughout his school day. Read more

But we do – we do forget.

Generally speaking, anniversaries are cause for celebration. Whether gathering together in honor of someone’s birthday or honoring another year married, anniversary celebrations are filled with smiling faces and the sounds of laughter. However, anniversaries can also mark a time in history when neither smiling faces nor the sound of laughter exist.

Throughout the world, anniversaries exist and remind us of a specific time when governments, terrorists, dictators, etc. killed innocent people. As the date nears, conversations grow, pictures and videos resurface, and people recall their own memories of the tragedy. Read more

The Tormented Toothbrush

What does your toothbrush look like? Are the bristles straight? Are the bristles squashed? Are the bristles squished?

How often do you brush your teeth? Once a day? Twice a day? Once a week? On major holidays?

I brush my teeth twice a day. My husband brushes his teeth at least once a day, and my kids brush their teeth twice a day. Though we brush our teeth on a daily basis, our toothbrushes look drastically different.

How often do you change your toothbrush? Once a month? Once every two months? Or, are you still using the same toothbrush you used when George W. Bush was serving his first term as President of the United States? Read more