A pot of entertainment

When I walked into the kitchen one morning, I found the boys sitting on the counter. My heart skipped a beat, as I remembered another kitchen counter moment several years ago, when they were much younger.

Two cuties back in October 2008

I was brought back to the present when the boys chimed in unison, “Good morning, Mommy!”

“Good morning,” I return. “What are you guys doing on the counter?”

Rob answered, “They are watching the coffee maker.”

“Mommy!” Charlie says. “Sometimes the water splashes out and gets us wet!”

“Yeah! Just like that!” Joe laughs. “Did you feel that Charlie?”

“Ah.” I said. Then I had a mini-conversation with myself about the fact that we are so lame easily entertained, because we find the coffee maker to be awesome morning entertainment.

“May I take your pictures, guys?” I ask the boys. Returning to my mini-conversation with myself, I point out (to myself) the fact that watching the coffee maker is probably more normal than wanting to take countless pictures every second of every day.

“Why of course you can, Mommy!” Joe says in his pretend I am such a good and polite kid-voice while simultaneously oozing disrespect.

Aside from the two shots of the boys posing for me, what follows are the pictures I snapped while both Joe and Charlie explain the fun and excitement that is there for the taking, if only one stops to watch the coffee maker.

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27 thoughts on “A pot of entertainment

  1. I STILL watch the coffee maker!
    Not as easy for me to climb-up on the counter as it used to be though.
    Which is kind of funny, because you’d think it should be easier.

    1. That particular morning, Rob fell asleep before setting up the coffee. We have a timer, too – and typically use it. Timers are AWESOME!! And yes, like HJ we tend to stay in bed until we smell the fresh scent of coffee.

  2. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! But, um, am I the only one just a teeny, tiny bit concerned about the fun involved in sitting so close to and being splashed by HOT coffee?

    1. Ah Peg. My kids are growing up in the south. You’ll often hear the boys yell, “Hey Bubba – watch this!” The coffee burns are nothing compared to the injuries from the time they jumped off the roof.

      1. Ha! Is there any of that tequila left?

        Those are some seriously cute kids. And my boys, although not raised in the south, had a lot of “Hey Bubba watch this” moments.

        I love my Mother’s Day gift Keurig coffee maker but it doesn’t have a timer – since Shelby insists of going out at 4:30 each morning and I have to walk past it on the way to the door – I just tap the button and it’s all good. I had given up coffee for awhile, and now I wonder how I ever did that.

        My boys hate their pictures taken – I wish I had insisted more often that they let me snap photos of them.

        1. Call me sexist, but if you have a penis, you are capable of uttering, “Hey Bubba – watch this!” I think it is a (stupid) rite of passage.
          I heart that Shelby gets you up at 4:30. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be grumbling if it were my dogs, but gosh darnit – dogs rule. If our kids weren’t up by 6am every morning (I KNOW!), I’m sure the dogs would be.

          I gave up coffee for 2yrs. I have no plans to do it again. I love my coffee. I’m drinking some now, even. Black – like my men. Duh.

    1. Aw man. We don’t have a window in our dryer (or washing machine). Every time I try to see it working, I open the door/lid and it stops. I’ve tried being super quick and super quiet. Still – the suckers stop. That’s just mean.

    1. I loved watching the popcorn pop, too! We had an air popper, and I remember sitting there watching the popped kernels shooting out. The most excitement was when kernels popped in midair.

  3. Gosh they’re cute. Like Susan above, ours loved watching popcorn pop and – are you ready for this – folding towels! Mostly b/c they liked to wrap up in the warm towels and run around 🙂

    1. Ooooh! Warm towels. My boys love when I get the clothes out of the dryer (in the winter, mostly). They will snuggle in the warm clothes, towels, whatever is pulled out. And as I told Susan, I loved watching popcorn pop. Being a kid holds so much fascination. What a joy!

  4. Those fellas are so adorable! Isn’t it just like boys to want to see how everything works? A nephew at that age was so impressed with his great-aunt’s vacuum cleaner, he wanted to know everything about it!

    1. Hahahaha! And so begins the boy’s quest to take everything apart to find out how it works. Yet another rite of passage for boys. Thank you for reading/viewing this post, Patti. I just wanted to get something out there, and well – this was it.

      1. My boys once took the bulbs out of my makeup mirror (back when I wore makeup!!!) to use in something they were building…Mama was not happy. For about 10 years I had to keep replacing my tools because they “borrowed” them and then I never saw them again.

        1. Ha! I remember makeup mirrors. Well, I remember the kind that had three settings – day, office and night, I think. I’m not sure those bulbs could be removed. Are you boys still building, Katy? Did they grow up to be engineers?

          1. One is studying engineering now…The both are pretty good with their hands – but still not too good about taking care of tools…

          2. Well, one does not have an excuse to buy more tools if one was good about taking care of tools. Toys, Katy. It is all about buying toys. I like that one is studying engineering. Seems fitting.

  5. Haha! they are BEYOND adorable!! My kids get easily amused at things too. We should all take the time to truly appreciate everyday things–I think tomorrow I’ll watch the coffee pot too. Wait…I do that every day.

  6. What adorable boys you have! And love that they are so inquisitive and exploring how things work! My DH is one of three boys and I love looking at the pictures of them “back in the day” making forts and race cars out of boxes, pipes, etc! Being an only child has many drawbacks, let me tell you!! Your boys will cherish these memories in days to come. We got a Keurig coffeemaker after my hubby retired (cuz I didn’t ever drink coffee, and he drank it at work). Guess what … I am officially a “coffee” addict now! My new guilty pleasure is coconut mocha! Way tooooo good. Might have to go make a cup … Oh goodness, the power of suggestion!

    1. So, did you enjoy a cup of coconut mocha? The power of suggestion is certainly strong!
      I am grateful my boys have a Dad like Rob. He is as curious as the boys, which makes for more entertainment.

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