A Question for My Fellow Bloggers


Do I know you?

Sometimes I feel as though I know you. I mean, I ‘see’ you here – in the blogosphere – most every day. I read your thoughts, I respond to your thoughts, and sometimes you respond to my thoughts in response to your thoughts.

But your name, what is your name? I’ve seen some people call you by name, while others address you by your blog name. If I know your name, but you didn’t tell me your name, may I call you by your name?

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Project 366: Day 251 Words


Project 366 is a photo project, chronicling a year in the life of me and my family. Though I write a sentence or five introducing the photo, I’ve deliberately kept the words at a minimum. That is, I’ve kept the words at a minimum until today.

Today I come to you with several things. First, I want to tell you about a new project. Second, I want to alert you to a post I wrote for a friend’s blog. Third, fourth, and finally, I’m sharing pictures with you, because this is a Project 366 post, and I am introducing another contest – a caption contest. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 220


She does exist. The Linguist exists.

Yesterday, we stopped at a NY diner off I-84, and we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with a fellow blogger, Leonore from As a Linguist. Wanting to document the meeting, I came prepared with my camera. And once again, I am startled by how blah I look without makeup. You’d think I’d learn and make more of an effort.

No worries. Leonore didn’t care. She greeted me with a smile and a hug. Thanks for meeting us, Leonore! I’ll wear make-up next time. (Ha. Who am I kidding?)

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What is your legacy?


When a tragedy strikes, we often take an inventory of our life. After the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, I am willing to bet you’ve paused and wondered “what if”.

My heart goes out to each and every family member affected by this tragedy, including the family of the shooter. I ache for the survivors, knowing their minds will never forget the images or sounds from that night. Continue reading