Andy the Armadillo: Still doing Texas

Last week, we left Andy to recover after what should have been an epic sugar hangover. This week, as promised, we get to hear about Andy’s visit to the country, and his encounter with a gator.

Please remember to check out the blog of the woman behind Andy’s Texas adventure, Georgette. She has countless tales to tell, even without an armadillo: Georgette Sullins’ Blog.


Driving out into the country, we played ‘I Spy’ looking for one of Andy’s cousins.

Driving out to the country in Rick’s truck, he let me drive shot gun, as they say in these parts.

We stopped to nestle among the bluebonnets.

Ahhhh…lovely bed. Can I take a nap now?

Mama LD gave permission for Andy to play in the mud. I knew he would be happy here while there’s plenty to drink right now.

Real Texas mud!

♫Home, home by the pond where the deer and the armadillos play♫
Don’t worry, we’re in a drought. It’s not deep.

Rick let me drive the Gator…

the John Deere Gator…wo-oop!

Rick hired me to patrol. Thanks to my paid gig, my passage to New Zealand is paid for.

I’m working my way to see you soon, Judith.

We sang “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with Ray Charles on the way home.  Do you have a favorite car song?


Thank you, Georgette. Based on the last phone call I had from Andy, he is having such a wonderful time. That Andy sure is a talker. I appreciate all the time and energy you and Rick put in to showing Andy an awesome adventure! Again, thank you!

20 thoughts on “Andy the Armadillo: Still doing Texas

  1. Reblogged this on Georgette Sullins's Blog and commented:
    And so today, we pack Andy off beyond our shores to Judith in New Zealand. sniff-sniff It’s not the Texas wildflowers that are making us sniff. We will miss him but know a world awaits him. Do contact Lenore to participate in this exchange experience.

  2. I didn’t think to let Andy drive anything while he was here – Sweet Cheeks would have certainly let him mow the grass with the riding mower – and we could have had a designated driver.!! I also didn’t think to put him to work, either. I had to shield Andy’s eyes a couple of time on the road because some of his relatives, well, they seemed to be sleeping on the pavement. At least that is what I told him they were doing…

    I know you will miss Andy. Our home seems way too quiet since he left.

    1. Don’t be too hard on yourself, K8. You didn’t think of those things, because you were delirious with thoughts of ice skating. And honestly, I cannot thank you enough for shielding Andy’s eyes from his ‘sleeping’ relatives.

      1. I know, once I placed him ever so gently in his bed of bubble wrap and sent him on his way to Auntie Georgette, I thought of many, many things I wished I had shown him, most of all, one of our world-class sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps he’ll come back some day – the invitation is always open.

    2. Oh my word…sleeping on the pavement. You are too much Auntie Kate (stifling LOL laughter over a not so funny thought). Well Andy is flying economy as I type and should arrive after April 5. First class, hit 3 digits!

    1. Well, Georgette at the time .. but I was there in spirit, Amy! (smile) We’d love to have you join us. If you want Andy to visit you, just shoot me an email.

    1. I volunteer to hostess first again!!! If the mailman leaves you on the porch in a box in the Florida sun, though…it won’t be pretty.

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