Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #15


Last Saturday had me frazzled. Several days had passed without a word from Adventure Girl. We were worried. By we, I mean AG’s parents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. However, if you read the post last week, you know we finally received a SPOT update and AG was fine.

For the record, Adventure Girl was actively posting to SPOT. However, if the batteries are not working, the updates will not go through. Remember that fact, future hikers.

On July 3rd, Adventure Girl was located off I-93 near Highway 112 in New Hampshire. She was officially in the thick of the White Mountain National Forest. Pushing herself hard all week, Adventure Girl will enter the great State of Maine today. Continue reading

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #14


This update will be short. When I started writing the update, we had not heard from Adventure Girl since Wednesday June 29th. Worry had settled in … Thankfully, I just received a message from Adventure Girl’s Mom. The SPOT updates are not going through, but Adventure Girl is fine.

Though reception deep within the AT is sporadic at best, Adventure Girl has done a great job of checking in with her family throughout her journey. I suppose, as she nears the final thick of things, we’ll have to accept the fact that updates will be days apart.

Her last SPOT update had her straddling the New Hampshire/Vermont border somewhere along Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. On Monday June 27th, she accessed her Facebook account from the hostel where she stayed for the night. She wrote on Facebook, “Less than 450 miles left! Whooo!  The mental preparation for The Whites begins! Continue reading

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #13


Last week, the SPOT update I received had Adventure Girl hanging up her backpack NW Pittsfield, MA. The hanging of her backpack came after stepping off the trail for several days, while she flew to GA for college orientation.

Note to all those keeping track: Adventure Girl did not skip any of the trail, during her ‘off time’. She was picked up and dropped off in the same location.

Since last week, Adventure Girl entered the great state of Vermont (Mmmm… Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Based on her SPOT update from yesterday, she is now located north of Button Hill and south of Round Hill in VT (Mmmm… Ben & Jerry’s ice cream). Though many miles are ahead of her, only one state is between Adventure Girl and Mount Katahdin, ME. (The state of New Hampshire)

Continue reading

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #12


When we last left Adventure Girl, she was readying herself for her re-entry to the off-trail world. Stepping off the trail somewhere near Great Barrington, MA, she journeyed back to GA to fulfill obligations regarding her soon-to-start college career.

Once she accomplished her obligations within the confines of buildings, roads and comfortable bedding, she would step back onto the AT, picking up right where she stepped off. Though more miles are behind Adventure Girl, she still faces 660 miles remaining ahead of her.

During her ride back to the Atlanta airport, where she would board a plane and head north, I spoke to Adventure Girl by phone. Continue reading

Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales: Update #11


My introduction will be short, because I have not one but two journal entries to share with you. That’s right, readers – Adventure Girl updated her journal twice since last week. That said, this post is a long one.

You may remember, as of last Saturday, Adventure Girl was located along the Taconic State Parkway near Shenandoah, NY. Early this morning, June 11th, we received her message indicating she was now located in the state of Massachusetts. More specifically, she was along US Highway 7 near Sheffield, MA. However, as I mentioned last week, Adventure Girl is stepping off the trail for a few days. June 12th, Adventure Girl is boarding a plane and heading home to Atlanta to attend college orientation at my Alma Mater, University of Georgia. I am going to call Adventure Girl early Monday morning, while she travels to Athens, GA. My goal is to interview her. Do you have questions you’d like to ask adventure Girl? If so, please be sure to leave your questions in the comment section.

In the meantime, enjoy Adventure Girl’s Trail Tales in her own words. Continue reading