Tattoos, Talenti, and not a Top 10

Yesterday, we took our boys to Six Flags over Georgia. Considering the fact that kids are out of school, the park was empty. We did not have to wait in any lines for any of the rides. In fact, we rode many of the rides more than once, without having to get off the ride. But this post isn’t about the rides or my boys.

People-watching is a hobby of mine. Before terrorism changed how we fly, I loved going to the airport and waiting at the gate for whomever we were picking up at the time. The people in the airport were always fun to watch. Perhaps more fun than watching people in the airport is watching people at Six Flags.

I had such a great time seeing all the different types of people. And one thing I noticed more than anything else was that many people – dare I say the majority of those I saw yesterday – had tattoos. In fact, I saw so many tattooed people that the non-tattooed people looked “naked” to me.

Please understand that I’m not anti-tattoos. Some of my best friends have tattoos. (*snort*) But, I will never – that is to say I have no plans to ever – get a tattoo.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I will never get a tattoo:

1.) Permanency

Once you have a tattoo, the tattoo is there – for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, until death you do rot.

I like change. I rearrange the furniture in our house once every two months, at least. The thought of putting a picture on my body and never having the ability to move it or change it makes me anxious.

What if I realize the tattoo would look better from a different angle on my other arm? What then? Get another tattoo? But, what if I decide it really did look best where I had it done the first time? Nope. The whole “permanency” thing is one thing that keeps me from getting inked.

2.) Pain

I’m not a huge fan of shots, but the pain caused by shots is quick and short-lived. The needlework that is done to get a tattoo is not something that is done quickly, and because the work is not done quickly, the pain is not short-lived. Plus, what if, once the needlework has started, you decide you want something else? What if you decide you wanted a different color? What if you decide you want it put somewhere else on your body?

Yeah, let me go back to my first reason, because it takes at least what – 15 minutes to get the simplest tattoo? Do you know how many times I change my mind in a span of 15 minutes? Shoot, do you know how many times I change my mind in a span of 2 minutes?

Once I see the start of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food tattooed on my left arm, I will likely second guess myself and want to change it to a pint of Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip gelato. I mean, the color of the black raspberry flavor is prettier, the Talenti-used font is nicer, and there would be less needlework due to Talent’s simple design.

But then… then what happens when I give up ice cream? It could happen. Okay, it probably won’t happen, but it could happen. I mean, the pain experienced while getting the pint done might be enough to deter me from ice cream forever, as I could start associate ice cream to needle pricks. *shudder*

Forget it. I changed my mind. I no longer need to list 10 reasons why I won’t get a tattoo. Committing to something permanent while my mind continues to change is inconceivable. Besides, I am suddenly craving a pint of Talenti’s Mediterranean Mint gelato.


13 thoughts on “Tattoos, Talenti, and not a Top 10

  1. Ohmigosh Talenti Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is sooooo goooood! And, ya know. Publix brand Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chip frozen yogurt is a pretty darn good substitute. Just sayin’.
    But, yeah, tattoos. They aren’t for everyone. And good for you for knowing this ahead of time instead of making a costly and permanent mistake.
    I love mine. I tend to forget they are even there they are so much a part of me at this point. I figured with all the moles, freckles, scars, and whatnot I have no control over, it’s nice to have a mark on my body that I decided to put there.

    1. Did I come across as anti-tattoos? I hope not, because I don’t care either way.
      I saw some beautiful ones yesterday. I also saw a huge colorfully decorated skull with a feather dangling off it. I suppose it was pretty, but the tattoo was on the thigh of a girl who was probably the youngest one has to be to “legally” get a tattoo. What is that age? 18? Anywho, I questioned (in my mind) the placement of the huge tattoo and the age at which the decision was made.
      Charlie’s Kindergarten teacher had a Cat n’ the Hat tattoo on her ankle. I thought that was the best! Not surprisingly, she was a fantastic teacher.

      1. You didn’t come across as anti-tattoo at all!
        Yeah, 18 is the legal age to get a tattoo without parental consent, but I don’t know how many parlors check for id.

  2. I totally agree with the not wanting to put something permanent on my body because I change my mind. I like the idea of having a tattoo, but have never been able to decide where I’d put it or what the picture (or words) should be. Also, I can’t imagine me being in my 70’s with a tattoo. Just can’t go there. I could probably tolerate the pain if I wanted one badly enough, but I’m not even going there. Will stick with the fake ones.

    1. My 93 yr old Uncle has a tattoo, which he had done when he was in the service. For whatever reason, tattoos on military personnel seems ‘normal’, even at a very old age. I agree with you though, my pint of ice cream may look “okay” in my mid-40s (wait. what?), but it would probably look a bit odd if I make it to 70 and above. Then again, my grandkids might think I was one cool Grammy! 🙂

  3. I have no desire for a tattoo either. I am a huge wimp and know I would pass out just looking at the needle.!!! Great post— glad you are back. 🙂

    1. Torture, Beth Ann. Having the needle travel up and around several times to create the masterpiece… sheer torture.
      Thanks for reading. It’s good to be back. Hope I am able to stick around for a bit. 🙂

  4. I have 18, or is it 19. I haven’t ever regretted any of them. In fact I love them all. But with time there is better ink and better needles so I have had them extended, reworked, made bigger and in a couple of cases covered with better ones. I wrote an entire post about getting one of my biggest ones with pictures and everything recently. The pain? Nah, not really.

    Tats are really personal, not for everyone. Out of 24 siblings, all of the girls (12) have tattoos and only two of the boys are. Strange isn’t it.

    1. I can only assume if you have more than one tattoo, then you are “comfortable” with the pain. I went and read your post, and your comment about no one having two tattoos makes a great deal of sense.

      1. Mostly Lenore, the pain is minimal. I think if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have them. It truly is a very personal choice with, as you say, long term ramifications. I would never tell someone to get one unless they are truly committed.

  5. I’m with you, sister. I understand free-expression and all that, but I have no interest in expressing myself that way. If you do? More power to ya. Though I think the saddest tattoos I see are on brides when we go to Las Vegas — beautiful woman, beautiful dress, giant nasty tattoo over her shoulder, or back, or décolletage. Good grief.

    Also — forbidden in Leviticus if you’re looking for ammunition!

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