Dog Days of Summer :: Don’t Mess With Mom

And on the third day…On the third day, I was absent. Yeah, I missed the third Dog Day of Summer, and I am now a day behind.

I’ll spare you the drama for why I am late, and I will just jump right into my belated third day of our 10 day writing challenge. Once again, I hope you will sit back and enjoy my contribution to Blogdramedy’s Blog Shorts, “The Dog Days of Summer”: 10 days, 10 stories, and 110 words.

Source: dadabank(dot)com
Source: dadabank(dot)com

.: Don’t Mess With Mom :.

“Dinner!” She yelled.

The boys were in the living room watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the umpteenth time.

“Guys! Turn off the TV and come to the dinner table.”

“But Mom, they are about to meet Fluffy. Fluffy is this awesomely huge and mean three-headed dog. He is so cool. Can we just wait until after this part? Come see, Mom. He’s awesome.”

“No. Dinner is ready, and I want you to stop the movie and come eat.”

“Come on Mom – at least come look at Fluffy.”


“Coming.” The two boys say in unison.


This really wasn’t a creative stretch for me. Though I’ve never physically turned into Fluffy, the potential is there for certain. Of course, me playing the role of Fluffy is similar to Pal playing to role of Lassie. Woof!

And don’t forget…

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13 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer :: Don’t Mess With Mom

  1. Kids really don’t listen, do they? You literally have to convince them not to play in traffic. And it can be infuriating. Don’t blame you for wanting to turn into Fluffy. Still feel that fluffy was a bit of a rip off of Cerberus, but won’t hold it against them too much

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