The Meeting :: A Drabble

Happy Friday – aka – Drabble Day. In case you are new here, a drabble is a short work of fiction, exactly 100 words in length.

Join me. Create your own 100-word piece of fiction. The more dabbling with drabbles the merrier. Tag your post with ‘Friday Drabble’ and use the hash-tag #fridaydrabble on Twitter.

As will be the case whenever there is a “Wednesday’s What is It?”, I want to mention the mystery photo before you get to the drabble.

Once again, I was unable to stump the majority of guessers. I’ll try harder next week.

This week, the ‘winner’ put a smile on my face for two reasons. First, I was excited to see this person play the game. Second, I was excited that this person was the first to identify the photo correctly. So, who was the first person to guess correctly? My brother, Joe D. Congrats, Joe D. I hope you’ll play again another day.

And, just like last week, I’ve hidden the answer in the drabble. Enjoy!


The Meeting

She was coming towards him, grinning ear to ear.
He had watched her for weeks, tracing her tracks, but he didn’t think she noticed him.
As she came closer, he felt his heart flutter.
The others around them said their pleasantries, commenting on the weather, and the morning coffee.
While the others spoke, she nudged him playfully. He swore she winked.
As quick as it started, she walked away.
He wanted to mark this day – mark this very spot.
He would never forget this moment with her.
He lifted his leg, marked the fire hydrant, and followed his human home.


11 thoughts on “The Meeting :: A Drabble

  1. I saw the photo when I was away and actually did know that it was a fire hydrant. But with being away and more than busy, didn’t post. Getting caught up now! Love the drabble!!

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