BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 3

BlogFestivus 2012: a seasonal short story writing challenge.

Blogdramedy’s writing challenge continues. After reading the third part of my 9-part series, please access the links to the other writers on board this joyous reindeer train. You’ll find the list of links at the end of this post. Here are links to my previous posts: Day 1 and Day 2.



Dasher and Dancer had another 20 minutes before they would reach Prancer’s place. As the crow flies, the gang lived close, but it was hunting season, so they had to stay off their beaten path.

The two began to discuss strategy, figuring out ways the group could get to the bridge, clean up whatever was left, and leave no trace of evidence. The note was pretty specific, and both bucks knew all hooves would point to the herd.

They reached Prancer’s house, having forgotten to phone ahead to see if he was home. Just as Dasher was about to knock, the door opened.

“Dasher! Dancer!” Prancer said, surprised to see them.
“Prancer.” The two said in unison.
“What are you guys doing here?”

Dancer looked down at Prancer’s legs. Noticing his confused look, Prancer tried to explain.

“These are weights.” He said.

“Look, I can’t just go prancing around downtown now, can I? These weights keep my hooves heavy, steadying my trot. “

“Seriously?” Dasher said, while rolling his eyes. “I can’t believe the kid felt so threatened by us.”

Dancer snapped, “What do you mean you can’t believe? Let me refresh your memory, and I quote “Listen here kid, don’t forget who’s boss. I could knock your light out.” You had it out for him from day one.”

“I didn’t hurt the kid. I swear. I didn’t touch him.”

“Uh, what kid?” Prancer asked. “What are you guys talking about?”


All of the Other Reindeer…participants:

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Rewind Revise – newly married and on her very own joy train.

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So I Went Undercover — she’s undercover and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Joe Owen’s Blog — he’s got forty-something eyes. Not Betty Davis eyes.

MC’s Whispers – Maria-Christina works in PR. What kind of “spin” will she put on this writing challenge?

LittleWonder2  – a musical surfing vampire lover. I know.

Blog It or Lose It! – One word. Minecraft.

Voice in Me — Reena’s from India…where reindeer go on vacation.

Apprentice, never master – Gwendolyn, the fearless.

A Year of Daily Posts — Sarah, the paperback writer (three manuscripts but they count.)

Diary of a Sensitive Soul — Immie, blogging from the U.K. (Why am I feeling Bruce Springsteen?)

Dot Knows! — Liz, the life changer.

k8edid — oh, yes. She did.

The Day After — A musing wannabe.

A Spoonful of Suga — Making reality sexy.

Random Says — in the moment. At the moment.


21 thoughts on “BlogFestivus 2012 :: Part 3

  1. I with you, Lenore. I haven’t thought this out – and kind of wonder where I’ll end up with this.

    Hunting season adds an extra element of danger, for sure.

  2. I love that they have to be careful because it’s hunting season. I can’t believe I didn’t think of how that could be an issue for reindeer!

    1. I’m just sliding all over the place with these, Random. I’m pulling in bits and pieces of ideas (like hunting season) in hopes of pulling it all together at the end. And I am a day behind now. Oy.

  3. I would have thought the Reindeer Lobby could have gotten hunting prohibited at the North Pole. Clearly, someone with deep pockets is controlling the legislature. Sorry — got sidetracked there…

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