Project 366:: Day 346 Nightlights

Yesterday, I noted on my Facebook page that I was thankful for the Christmas lights hung along our roof-line. As a kid, I always envied people who had lights on the outside of their house. Our house was always decorated for Christmas, but the lights were inside on the windowsills.

I never lost the desire for outside lights, and I was thrilled when the boys begged long enough to bring my childhood dream to – wait for it – light! Thanks to Rob for climbing the ladder and making the world brighter for his wife and two kids. Woo hoo! We have lights along our roof-line! Color me a happy child adult.


Project 366 Day 346


16 thoughts on “Project 366:: Day 346 Nightlights

    1. He’s not the fastest worker, but if I sent him over today – he may get around to it before Christmas. (smile) He finished our lights Sunday night. It was worth the wait, though. Giddy like a kid – that’s me.

  1. That was very sweet….I grew up in apartments, so just being able to have a house with lights on it at Christmas time……. well you know….. brings the warm and fuzzes that there are just no other words to describe…..So happy for my girls to have a home, a warm home with pretty Christmas lights…

    1. Welcome to the neighborhood, Amanda. I appreciate your visit. Like you, I am happy (and grateful) to have a warm home with pretty Christmas lights (inside and/or outside). Merry Christmas, Amanda!

  2. Love! I made Michael put them up the day after we came home from Thanksgiving. He grumbled about it, but in the end, was glad that he did. I love outdoor Christmas lights!

    1. I know – getting the lights hung is not the easiest thing. I understand why my Dad didn’t do it. It’s so nice to be part of the “outdoor lights” clique. (smile)

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