Project 366: Day 332 Mike and Ike

When my Dad came across people who looked or acted alike, I would sometimes hear him say, “Mike and Ike, they look alike.” That phrase is tied to the comic strip that ran years ago.

Last night, while visiting with Rob and his parents at the end of an emotional but beautiful day, I could hear my Dad say in my head over and over again, “Mike and Ike, they look alike.”

I’ve often kidded Rob and his Dad about their similar look; but more than their look, it is the shared mannerisms and quirks that crack me up and creep me out all at the same time. I love these two guys – Mike and Ike.




21 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 332 Mike and Ike

  1. It has been a rough time for you lately to put it mildly. So glad you have family to all lean on and love each other through the difficult times. Great pictures of Ike and Mike, btw.

  2. Thank you so much for the continued updates. Yes, I had noticed how much these two handsome gentleman look alike. Looking at this picture, it sure shows their mannerisms as well. I remember you telling me how Rob is like his Dad and that is so awesome. He has a wonderful role model to take after, that in itself is wonderful for you and the boys.

  3. “Oh my gosh!” I said immediately when I scrolled down to the photo. I purposely read your entry before looking at the photo – and actually expected to see James and his sister featured! And that third photo is priceless. Rob has nothing but respect, adoration and love in his face and eyes for his dad. No surprise – James is a class act. Betty, too!

      1. That’s too cool. And amazing, too. I remember when relatives I’d never met before stopped talking to look at me and say, “She is so much like Uncle Willy,” He was a man who had died long before I was born. These are such amazing convergences.

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