Project 366: Day 325 With light, love, and humor

Walter died. There is no easy way to say those words. His heart stopped beating around 4:30 ET, Nov. 19th. While Walter was passing, a friend of mine lit a candle for him. In her words, “I lit this candle today with the intention and vision of Walter’s feeling and being free…”

This morning when I woke, my eyes were puffy and my nose was red. Starting a day in a world without Walter is not easy. But when I went to got dressed a smile came across my face. Walter was my conspiracy-theorist companion. Though he bought into the hype far more than I did, we truly enjoyed going back and forth with various theories. I wear this shirt with a smile, knowing Walter would smile with me. Oh how I will miss our conversations.

Special thanks to my friend for sharing the light with Walter.




26 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 325 With light, love, and humor

    1. Frankly Leonore, it sucks. I just don’t know a better word to describe it. The kind words we’ve received in person, online, through letters, etc. is making the sting a little easier to take. We appreciate each and every bit of encouragement. Thank you for your words. ~ Lenore

  1. Dear Lenore … I stopped and said a prayer when I read that Walter had passed away. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  2. Oh Lenore, I am so sorry. I’ve been thinking of him since you wrote about him a little while back. I appreciate your updates about Walter. Sounds like he was great for fun conversation. My heart goes out to you and the family. Such a hard time of year to go through this too- but loss is hard no matter when it happens.
    Be well.
    Your friend, Leah

    1. Thank you so much, Leah. Your words mean a great deal to me. The support we’ve received online has been wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to leave this note. It helps. ~ Lenore

    1. Yes, Jackie. There is much for which to be thankful when thinking about Walter. Though we miss him, we are thankful he no longer has to deal with the challenges of diabetes. He is truly at peace.

    1. The shirt is pretty witty, eh, Susan? Walter was such a doomsday conspiracy theorist, and I loved him for it. We had such a great time going back and forth. And, I always knew – if the world were to face a doomsday, I could go to his house and ride it out safely. *sigh* I just lost my safety net. (giggle) Man will I ever miss him. Thank you for sharing your words of support. We appreciate each and every one.

    1. We are finding comfort in knowing how well Walter was loved, Susan. We are not surprised by the amount of love – but comforted. He was an amazing and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to offer words of support. We appreciate it.

  3. Dear Lenore and Rob, I never got to meet Walter, but with such a loving family, he had to be a great guy. The picture of Rob, Walter and their Dad, James enjoying each other in the most recent picture you had posted ,is a real keeper!! Thank you so much for all the sweet and heartfelt feelings of how much you loved and enjoyed Walter. So young but God knew he was a very sick you ng man and now our Lord has him in his arms. Sorry we will not be able to come up and be with the family, but know our prayers are with everyone.

  4. I never knew him, but I feel as though I somehow “know” you, Lenore Diane. My heart aches for you all, for this tremendous loss. Please know that, as you soldier forth, many hearts and prayers are with you. Feel our love embracing you, sympathizing with you, crying with you.

    I’m so sorry,

    1. Thank you, MJ. I do feel the support and love from you and my other friends within this wonderful blogosphere. I appreciate you taking the time to stop and share words of encouragement. Thank you. ~ Lenore

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