Project 366: Day 317 Through the lens of another

This picture was taken by Tammy McGarity, a professional photographer. She is a Mom to two kids who attend Joe and Charlie’s school. During the Fall Festival, she brought her ‘mac daddy’ camera with her and took some pictures for fun. (I had serious lens-envy.)

This morning is a drag for me. The behavior of my oldest has not been pleasant these past several days, and his behavior last night left me shell-shocked. I’m still unsure how to deal with his actions. Perhaps I’ll be enlightened by the time I pick him up from school.

Through my camera lens, life is full of smiles, silly poses, sunrises, sunsets, and the beauty that surrounds me. Sometimes, behind the lens, there is chaos.



14 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 317 Through the lens of another

  1. I had a Grandson like that but he really turned out to be a VERY smart kid. Sometimes you just have to be patient and let it run its course. Try to ask him after a quiet moment, why are you so unhappy that you are acting out? But don’t push it too far.

    1. Thank you, Maxi. I did sit down with him. The fact of the matter is that he does not like getting punished. Sadly, he is once again facing a week of punishment. We are talking, though, and he does understand.

  2. Maybe he’s hoping you WILL ask. In a non-threatening, mom kind of way. It sounds like it might be too big for him to shoulder alone.

    1. I am wondering if I talk too much with him, Patti. We are very involved parents, and I often wonder if we need to step back a bit. The thing is – respect is huge for me, and when he is disrespectful and ugly, I just cannot tolerate it. So, the kid is spending another week on restriction. We did have a good talk this afternoon, though.

      1. Respect is a big issue, and not enough people have it any more. Glad you had a good talk today, keep those lines of communication open.

  3. So what’s been happening over the last week? What’s changed? Think about that and it may provide a clue. Or maybe it was too much Halloween candy still working its way out of his system. 🙂

    1. Ain’t nothing changed, BD. We are about as status quo as you will find. Hmmm…. maybe that is the problem. 🙂 He was just about to come off restriction when he decided to ‘go off’ once again. This time he went off on me rather than his brother. To quote Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake. Huge.” 🙂

  4. Actually, I love this of you! It is a rare capture of what you do and who you are. Hang in there with Joe. Smart kids are much harder to rear – (words escape me, so I will end with ) – good luck!

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