Project 366: Day 295 Crisp and Clear

One thing I love about the approach of winter is the clear blue skies that precede the season. gone is the smog of summer. The changing colors pop against a crisp, clear, blue sky. Have a wonderful Sunday.



10 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 295 Crisp and Clear

  1. I miss those crisp clear days of autumn on the east coast; and the amazing colors. We’re having a rare fall day here in WA that is actually cool and mostly clear, although, everything is wet from the past several days’ rains. Need to get out and soak up some vitamin D!

    1. WA? Why on earth did I think you were on the east coast, Susan. Did you move recently? (Of course ‘recently’ is a relative term in blogosphere relationships.) 🙂 Soak up your Vitamin D now, while you can. I’m already feeling the effects of less sunlight.

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