Project 366: Day 282 Wings of Fall Color

During our outdoor exploration on Saturday, we did not see many trees flaunting fall colors. Instead, we came across this guy, who seemed more than willing to pose for us.



8 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 282 Wings of Fall Color

  1. So pretty!!! I have got to get out more. This weekend was cloudy and rainy, and still hotter than blazes here – I miss getting out and rambling around. Sounds like you have a good area for exploring.

    1. The weather is dark and dreary today, Katy. Though tomorrow promises to be sunny, the temps are not climbing nearly as high these days. I was glad to get out on Saturday and milk the warmth as much as possible. I tend to become a recluse during the winter months.

    1. I wish I could say I planned it all, Robert. Well, technically, I could say I planned it all. Alas, I’m not a professional, I simply shoot what I like, and sometimes I get lucky.

  2. Lovely buckeye. They are so pretty. Glad yours held still so we could appreciate all the colorful patterns.

    1. I appreciate the fact that you know the types of butterflies, Patti. Thanks for sharing this was a buckeye.

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