Project 366: Day 271 The Profile of a Child

I pick up my cell phone and punch in the numbers. “Rob, would you please ask Joe to stick his head out of the window? I’d like to get a picture.” We left the house at the same time, but we took separate cars. He is taking the boys to school, and I am going straight to the office.

“I saw you taking pictures.” Rob says. “I don’t like you taking pictures like that. I’m not going to tell him to do that.”

I grumble a bit, feeling like a child being scolded by a parent. “Okay, fine. Thanks anyway.” I say.

My insides ache, as the unattainable photo opportunities mock me. Then I notice Charlie’s profile outlined by the sun, and Rob’s sunlit face reflecting in the rear-view mirror. With the cars stopped, I use the zoom lens to bring the subjects closer, and I quickly take my shot. Before the cars move again, I place my camera back in the camera bag. The child in me wins again.



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