Project 366: Day 256 A Mother’s Pride

Joe is a smart kid. Only 7yrs old, the kid already knows his strengths and weaknesses. Last night, I shared our dinner conversation with my Facebook friends.

The boys and I were talking about races, and each one thought about which races they could win. Joe said, “Oh, I could win a running race easy, if I were running against toddlers. And, I could so win a biking race against toddlers on tricycles.”

The best part about Joe’s comments (which I did not include on Facebook) is the fact the training wheels are still on his bicycle. He knows his limits, and he sets up his challenges accordingly.

That said, Joe excels in school. He loves to learn, and he loves to help others learn. I am proud of his passion for learning. While doing homework yesterday, Joe used a dictionary. He used a real dictionary, bound and full of actual pages. And when he was done with his homework, he went outside, rode his bicycle with training wheels, and beat his 4yr old neighbor in a trike race. Go Joe! Go!



12 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 256 A Mother’s Pride

  1. Joe reminds me very much of my former husband. That is a compliment by the way, as Erich was a most inquisitive soul with a heart as big as Texas. Warning…although he did grow up to own his own business and do it successfully, he was most famous for being a ten year old in a 50 year old’s body! 😉

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