Project 366: Day 251 Words

Project 366 is a photo project, chronicling a year in the life of me and my family. Though I write a sentence or five introducing the photo, I’ve deliberately kept the words at a minimum. That is, I’ve kept the words at a minimum until today.

Today I come to you with several things. First, I want to tell you about a new project. Second, I want to alert you to a post I wrote for a friend’s blog. Third, fourth, and finally, I’m sharing pictures with you, because this is a Project 366 post, and I am introducing another contest – a caption contest.

So, what’s the new project? Well, I’ve started a new blog with a fellow blogger. Kim (The G is Silent) and I have joined forces to share our opinions about various topics. Think of it as a “He said – She said” without the “He said”. More often than not, Kim and I will post differing opinions, which was the purpose of the co-blog. We wanted to show how two people can still be great friends, while sharing different views in life.

Please take a few minutes to explore our new blog. (Clicking on the picture will take you to the most current post: Uniformity or Individuality.)

After you’ve explored the new blog, I hope you’ll pop over to Oma’s blog, Blurt Blog. He invited me to write a post for his blog, while he was inundated with work. I jumped at the chance, because Oma is one of my favorite bloggers. The fact that he felt I was good enough for his blog means more to me than being Freshly Pressed. Seriously.

Inviting someone to Guest Blog is like inviting someone into your home. You are sharing this person with your friends and family. It means something. At least, it means something to me. So again, I ask you to visit Oma’s blog, and take some time to read my post, “Walking with a memory”. (Clicking on the picture will take you to the post.)

Now we’re at the meat of this post. I had no intention of sharing these photos with the blogosphere, but the more I look at the shots, the stronger the urge is to share. In fact, one shot in particular is beckoning me to have another caption contest.

Background: Joe was waiting for Rob to come outside, so the two could go fishing. While waiting, Joe was hamming it up for me and the camera. For whatever reason, Joe decided to put his fishing pole in his shirt. I don’t know if he was trying to free up his hands, so he could carry water and a snack, or if he was just being is dorky awesome self. Soon, he realized carrying his fishing pole in his shirt was not the best or most comfortable idea. Thankfully, I captured the moments before his realization.

I think the last picture (which is officially picture #251 in Project 366) begs for a caption. If you agree, please submit your best caption in the comments section or send me an email (lenorediane (at) yahoo (dot) com). Please submit your comments by Friday September 14th. I’ll pick my top five favorite comments, and I’ll leave the final vote to you – my readers.

The winner will receive a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. If the winner lives outside the United States, I’ll come up with an alternate prize. In addition, I will make a $25 donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

Ready? Set? GO!! (And don’t forget to check out the other websites I mentioned. Thanks!)


13 thoughts on “Project 366: Day 251 Words

    1. Oh no… you were right with ‘dorkier’. He oozes ‘dork’, and I love it. Actually, I love the fact that he embraces and is comfortable with his dorkiness. May he stay that way for life!

  1. “You’ll get plum tuckered out from the excitement of Billy Joe’s Camp-o-rama Extravaganza! We’ll even throw in a free fishing pole with every purchase of a new camper van! (Child not included)”

  2. “Are we having fun yet?”

    Congratulations and best wishes on the new co-blog. What an interesting concept.

    I agree that guest posting on Blurt is a higher honor than Freshly Pressed.

    1. Thanks for playing, HC. I hope you’ll visit the coblog. With differing views, it is sure to create conversation. Okay, maybe it isn’t a ‘sure’ thing, but it is our hope to create/generate conversation.

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